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You may have been arrested for a criminal charge, but you still have many constitutional rights that are put in place to protect the innocent. Two of the most important rights are the right to remain silent and the right to have an attorney present at all investigative or trial procedures. It is important that these rights are protected, and taking advantage of them to the fullest is an important step in protecting yourself. If you are questioned by police or you have to go to court to fight criminal charges, being represented by a Manassas criminal lawyer can be an asset in protecting your rights.

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, an experienced Manassas criminal attorney can help you understand what the Commonwealth must prove in order to secure a conviction. In addition, an experienced criminal defense attorney will help you understand what defenses you may have, what constitutional rights you may be able to assert, and whether your particular offense may be right for potential plea bargaining with the Commonwealth of Virginia. Every criminal case is different, and your criminal attorney can formulate a defense unique to your case.

Benefits of Local Legal Representation

Criminal Lawyer in Manassas, VAIn addition to quality legal defense, an attorney puts on a lot of different hats and plays a lot of different roles in the criminal defense representation process. The first role is that of a counselor, where he can advise clients of what they’ve been charged with and what those charges mean. Next, he’s an advocate. He can appear in court and negotiate with the law enforcement, prosecutors, or even the judge depending on the circumstance. In addition, he’s a criminal defense attorney, so that means he’s helping the client assert his or her rights, assert any defenses available, and also come up with creative scenarios that may work to prevent conviction, depending on the type of offense and the offenses charged.

We offer convenience to our clients. From his office, he assists people who have been charged with a crime and ensures that their rights are being protected throughout the process. If you have issues concerning DUI charges, drug possession, drug distribution, assault, domestic violence, sex crimes, firearm offenses, or reckless driving, it is in your best interest to reach out as soon as possible to find out how he might be able to help.

Our office handles a wide variety of criminal charges, including, but not limited to:

Possible Consequences & Costs of a Criminal Conviction

In Virginia, it is especially important to try to avoid a conviction whenever possible. The Commonwealth of Virginia does not expunge or remove actual convictions from your record regardless of their severity. This means that everything from a class 4 misdemeanor all the way up to a class 1 felony if convicted, remains on a person’s criminal record forever. They may be seen by others, and long term consequences of a criminal conviction include denial of security clearances, denial of job opportunities when a background check reveals the criminal convictions, or, depending on the circumstances, inability to obtain financing for a small business opportunity or other credit opportunities. It is the job of your Manassas criminal lawyers to try and minimize these consequences. They have experience plea bargaining with the prosecution, making cases for leniency, or even having charges dropped entirely.

Heavy burdens often accompany criminal cases. You may need to pay bail, impound fees, court costs, and/or fines, which take a heavy financial toll on you. In addition, you may miss work and be unable to replace the wages lost when dealing with your court case. You may even lose your job or one to which you are applying. If you are applying to a school, they may not accept people with criminal records. If you are convicted of an offense, your freedom can be restricted by means of probation, loss of driver’s license, and even incarceration.

Speak to a Manassas Criminal Lawyer

If you’re questioned by police or an investigator stops by your home or place of business to ask you questions, it is always a good idea to contact a Manassas criminal lawyer right away. Criminal defense attorneys deal with law enforcement on a daily basis, they understand the laws that must be proven to secure a conviction and to advocate on their client’s behalf all the time.

Most people that are contacted by law enforcement have no idea what to do. This does not mean that people are unintelligent, it simply means that many people do not have the same skill-sets that a Manassas criminal defense attorney has cultivated. There are certain times that a person wants to talk to the police, to have “their side heard.” This is often a bad idea and you may be providing the police with incriminating evidence. A Manassas criminal lawyer can represent your interests, advocate on your behalf (even from the very beginning of a criminal investigation), and can put your case in the very best light possible.

No matter what type of charge has led to the need for legal representation, our Manassas criminal lawyers offer great service to all of our clients.

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