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How a Stafford county lawyer may be able to help youBeing arrested and charged in a criminal matter can be a frightening and stressful experience. Even before your case goes to trial, personal and professional consequences can impact your life. If you find yourself under arrest and facing charges in Stafford County, Virginia, it is important to proactively handle the situation as soon as possible to minimize the potential effects on your personal life and career. Every type of charge from traffic charges, drug charges, and gun charges to assault and theft-specific charges can carry serious consequences that negatively impact your life.

Differences Between Stafford County and Other Virginia Counties

Criminal Lawyer in Stafford County VirginiaLaws and statues in Virginia are relatively consistent from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but certain nuances exist, and a lawyer with experience in the areas will be knowledgeable about those differences regardless of the seriousness of the crime with which you have been charged. Experience with the complexities of the criminal court system is just one of the ways we can be helpful in fighting your case.

Value of an Experienced Stafford Criminal Attorney

Having an experienced and compassionate attorney on your side after a criminal charge is a huge benefit. Whether a person has been charged with a DUI or theft, a lawyer can answer all the questions a person may have about their case and how the process will go. Your attorney can also review with you the maximum penalties each charge carries, and counsel you regarding potential hidden costs in accepting a plea arrangement. If your work requires security clearance, or you have previously been involved in a child custody dispute, a minor conviction can result in serious, life-altering consequences. Your attorney will also be familiar with recent changes to the law, as well as the outcomes of previous cases that could have an impact on yours.

Your lawyer will be adept in navigating the complex court system, and some of their responsibilities include:

  • Review and dispute evidence against you
  • Gather evidence to build the best possible defense
  • Find experts to testify on your behalf
  • Evaluate the procedures and circumstances of your arrest
  • Examine your case to identify possible instances of misconduct or mishandling

Law Enforcement Investigations and Questions

Often, police will question you in relation to an open investigation or criminal matter. Should law enforcement officials contact you regarding such a circumstance, invoking your right to remain silent is the best course of action. The attorneys with our firm will advise you about how best to answer questions in order to cooperate with police while protecting your rights.

It is strongly advised you politely opt not to make any statements to police about a criminal matter before consulting a lawyer. If you are charged, your case will likely be heard at 1300 Courthouse Road in Stafford.

Please contact us for information about reckless driving in Stafford Countyy and the penalties that may be associated with them. You can schedule a free consultation with an attorney to talk about your specific case and the best course of action moving forward.

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