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An arrest for any alleged crime is often an unexpected and stressful experience, and though penalties range in gravity, it is important to address the circumstances immediately and comprehensively. If you find yourself under arrest and charged with a crime in Alexandria, whether it is a relatively minor situation stemming from a traffic stop or a more serious offense such as a drug, assault, or weapons charge, an experienced Alexandria criminal lawyer can manage your case and help ensure your side of the story is known. Contact a criminal defense lawyer in Virginia as soon as possible to discuss your case and begin building a defense.

Criminal Offenses in Alexandria

How a Virginia Criminal Attorney May be Able to Help in Alexandria

There are a number of offenses that can result in a criminal charge in Alexandria, Virginia. These include, but are not necessarily limited to:

Misdemeanor and Felony Offenses

If you were recently charged with an offense in Alexandria, seeking out competent legal counsel is crucial in defending your liberty. Compared with a misdemeanor, a felony conviction is accompanied by significantly higher penalties in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Although the distinction between misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses differs from state to state, a major difference between the two in Virginia is that penalties for a felony can result in over a year of prison time, while misdemeanors are only punishable by up to twelve months in the local jail.

Apart from potential time in prison, being convicted of a felony can also involve other serious consequences. In addition to these penalties, being convicted of a felony can also affect one’s right to vote, right to possess firearms, access to employment, education opportunities, and ability to secure loans.

Benefits of an Attorney

Alexandria Criminal Lawyer Virginia

Laws and statutes that apply to misdemeanors and criminal felonies are generally the same across the Commonwealth of Virginia, but there are certain nuances that exist in localities such as in the City of Alexandria. For example, Alexandria criminal offenses are heard on a particular docket and typically handled by an assigned assistant Commonwealth Attorney. Criminal attorneys in Alexandria are well-versed in the local Alexandria practices which can be beneficial to someone facing criminal charges.

Similar to how there are certain procedural nuances in different Virginia courts, there are also nuances when it comes to the criminal offenses. For example, Alexandria often places a heavy emphasis on DUI offenses and violent crimes and treats them very aggressively. This is why it is important to seek out a local criminal attorney that has experience with Alexandria’s court system and is aware of the different nuances that may affect your case.

In addition, certain prosecutors and judges may have certain preferences that local criminal lawyers in Alexandria will be aware of and can be used to your advantage. Finally, local attorneys will have a good understanding of the deals that may be offered to resolve a case. For example, in some jurisdictions, community service is very helpful when it comes to achieving a better resolution, while this is not helpful in other jurisdictions. These are just a few reasons why a local Alexandria criminal attorney can be the asset that you need on your team when defending yourself against criminal charges.

Contacting a Criminal Attorney

If you are facing charges in Alexandria, it is important to remember you have the right remain silent if you are questioned by a police officer.  Do not hesitate to invoke your right to an attorney. We will stand by your side and instruct you on how best to cooperate with law enforcement officials while protecting your rights. You should consider refraining from making any statements you may regret before speaking with an Alexandria criminal lawyer.

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