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Falls Church takes DUI and DWI charges very seriously because there is an emphasis on protecting their tight-knit community. DUI puts people on the roads at risk by an individual’s drinking and driving which is something that the judges and prosecutors will consider if they choose to implement a zero tolerance approach. In other words, even if an individual was under the BAC legal limit, they could still be convicted. A conviction for DUI will likewise continue to affect a person well beyond the completion of a sentence following a conviction. It may be a negative factor when applying for employment in the future and will appear on background checks moving forward.

The benefit of hiring a DUI lawyer in Falls Church for these charges is that they will have specific knowledge that is necessary to build a robust and effective defense. A DUI conviction will go on the permanent criminal record, making it is in the best interest of those accused to get help from an experienced lawyer to avoid this situation.

First Offense Consequences

Driving under the influence charges are intimidating because there are a number of serious ramifications.

Alcohol safety action program courses must be taken in addition to drug tests in some cases. In addition, a person will likely have their license suspended, although it is often possible to get a restricted license depending on the severity of their case.

Additionally, future employers will see a conviction and both a charge and a conviction could affect an individual’s reputation negatively, making it important a DUI lawyer in Falls Church is there to mitigate the damage of the offense as much as possible.

Building a Defense

The first step a DUI attorney should take for their client is to request a forensic analysis, which means that the attorney requests discovery in their client’s case. Discovery is important because the prosecution is required to provide the evidence that the state is going to use against the alleged party.

An experienced attorney can also reach out to the Department of Forensic Science to get information about the equipment used. The attorney will get all of the log information from the machine, the Intoxilyzer, that tested the amount of alcohol during the breath test and converted it into a number that the prosecution will use. Based on that information and based on when the machine was calibrated, the attorney is going to be able to find errors, if there are any, which will allow the attorney to ensure that the breath test was given appropriately and that the results are full proof.

Benefits of An Attorney

The knowledge of an attorney includes intricacies in the laws, what the officer is allowed to do, and what the officer is not allowed to do during a traffic stop. Also, an attorney has an in-depth knowledge of the rights of their clients under the Constitution. An attorney will know what questions to ask of the prosecutor, the individuals who are performing the field sobriety tests or the preliminary breath tests, and time limits that the officers have to obtain blood or breath samples after a DUI stop. It is important to have an attorney that is able to effectively use these tools and knowledge to get you the best possible outcome.

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