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Getting arrested for a criminal offense is a frightening experience, but it may help ease your mind to know that you still have rights. These rights are guaranteed by the Constitution, and cannot be suspended because of your suspected involvement with a crime. When it comes to your right to remain silent, speak to an attorney before giving statements to law enforcement. Speaking with a Woodbridge criminal lawyer can help you understand how to best protect your rights.

Value of Experienced Legal Counsel

Drug Lawyer in QuanticoHaving a qualified legal representative at your side during an investigation can keep you from making incriminating statements by speaking on your behalf or advising you as to when you don’t have to answer a question. Often, those being investigated want to appear helpful and cooperative, and say things they think help their case. Later, they find their words twisted against them by police or the prosecution. This can make matters worse than if the accused had said nothing at all, a privilege protected by the Constitution.

A skilled Woodbridge criminal attorney can help you avoid such complications. He may also be able to minimize the consequences of a conviction on your life. We can help with criminal charges including but not limited to:

If you are unsure of whether we can take your case, or if his involvement would be beneficial to the eventual outcome, call and ask; your initial consultation is free. It may be a minor traffic ticket or a felony investigation – regardless of the severity, we are experienced in dealing with a variety of charges. He will be able to discuss your options for defense, complete complex legal paperwork, plea bargain, and build a strong case on your behalf. If you need a criminal lawyer for Prince William County generally, look at this page.

Woodbridge Criminal Lawyer

While it is true that hiring an attorney can be expensive, a criminal conviction will almost certainly cost more; financially or otherwise. High bail, impound fees, court costs, and fines add up quickly. You can even lose your freedom if you are put in prison. To understand how attorney we can help you, call (703) 957-7373 for a free consultation.

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