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Are you facing serious gun charges? The firearms lawyers at our firm understand the high stakes of these charges. By hiring an experienced attorney, you can get to work building your defense immediately in order to avoid both the short- and long-term consequences of a conviction.

The right to bear arms is a conditional right for American citizens that is protected under the United States Constitution. In certain instances, these rights can be taken away in accordance with a state’s gun laws. The Commonwealth of Virginia also treats firearm violence very seriously, and conviction for a firearm-related charge can affect your criminal record for the rest of your life.

Contact our criminal defense practice group today if you want to protect your rights and fight to avoid the harsh penalties that accompany a conviction. The Virginia gun attorneys at our firm understand the legal landscape of the Loudoun County Court system and can help you to build your defense. En Español.

Virginia Gun Lawyers Handle These Cases

Several laws explain who is entitled to carry a gun, possess a gun, or own a gun in Northern Virginia. Our local gun attorneys commonly assist those accused of violating the following offenses:

The first two offenses carry mandatory minimum sentences, which mean that a person will have to serve time if they are convicted. Brandishing a weapon or carrying a concealed gun without a permit can be considered a felony based on the charges.

Overall, many gun charges in Virginia involve significant jail time if convicted. This is the case even if you are convicted of illegally possessing a gun, but never brandish or discharge the weapon. Due to the severity of gun charges, you may want to protect your rights with a lawyer by your side who can prepare a strong defense for acquittal or sentencing leniency.

Your Second Amendment Gun Rights

Virginia Gun AttorneyIf you wish to conceal carry in Virginia, you must obtain the proper permit. You can obtain this permit by completing an application at the Loudoun County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, located at 18 E. Market Street in Leesburg. Once you arrive at the courthouse, follow the signs upon entering the courthouse complex. The clerk’s office will have applications for a concealed carry permit. If you have a prior criminal conviction, it may be in your best interest to contact a Virginia gun attorney who can help you determine if you are eligible to apply and whether you need to take further steps to make you eligible.

If you are eligible to hunt in Virginia, then you will want to make sure that you do not hunt too close to a residential area, hunt out of season, use incorrect ammunition while hunting, or hunt protected species. In addition to hunting, Virginia generally permits transporting your firearms as long as you comply with appropriate Virginia laws.  The very best reference for firearms laws as they relate to interstate transportation is the Virginia State Police website. They cannot give legal advice, however, so if you have questions about your eligibility, contact an experienced NoVa gun attorney today.

The Advantages of Working with a Virginia Gun Lawyer

Gun offenses are obviously treated very seriously in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Offenses involving gun owners that are trying to abide by the laws but make an honest mistake can often be easily rectified with the help of an attorney. There are numerous types of gun charges that you may face in Virginia. However, even minor offenses have long-term implications for your criminal record and security clearance.

Our firearms lawyers will examine the facts involved in your case before enumerating your defense options. If you are prepared to have someone advocate aggressively in your corner, schedule your free consultation with one of our friendly legal team members today. Please do not hesitate to contact our Virginia gun attorneys for further information about gun laws and the effects they may have on your future.

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