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Meet Attorney Patrick Woolley

Mr. Woolley has been a dedicated criminal defense attorney for over a decade.  He believes in fighting for the rights of his clients and focusing on the individual concerns of each person.  He understands that each client has different concerns and a different background.

Patrick Woolley excels by helping his clients find the best possible outcome for their individual situation.  He understands that it is necessary to not only use the tried and true methods, but to constantly explore new ways to defend his clients. He has gained a reputation as a tough criminal defense attorney who is prepared to fight for the rights of each client.

In Virginia, a person may be charged with either a misdemeanor or felony crime, and it is important to understand the implications of each offense. While a misdemeanor is typically considered to be less serious than a felony charge, the repercussions of an arrest and conviction can still be quite severe.

When you are investigated or arrested for a crime, it helps to be well-informed about your case and your charge(s) in order to make the best decisions regarding your defense. Each case is unique, and a Virginia criminal lawyer is equipped to explain the intricacies of your individual situation and how various defense strategies may affect the outcome of your case.

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