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Criminal charges in Fairfax can result from a variety of situations, from driving without insurance or registration to drug charges or firearm offenses. Having to navigate the Fairfax criminal court system as a defendant can be a trying and stressful experience, but a hard-working Fairfax criminal lawyer can work to minimize the potentially serious consequences that can result from such a charge. En Español.

Benefits of Experienced Criminal Defense

Your case will be thoroughly assessed, and in building a defense, your Fairfax criminal lawyer can:A Criminal Attorney in Fairfax, Virginia May Be Able to Help You

  • Review and dispute evidence against you
  • Gather evidence to build the best possible defense
  • Find experts to testify on your behalf
  • Evaluate the procedures and circumstances of your arrest

Across Virginia, laws and statutes are relatively consistent. However, certain nuances exist from court to court, and a veteran attorney can be well-informed about these differences to protect and fight for your rights regardless of the seriousness of the crime with which you have been charged. Knowledge of the complexities of the criminal court system is just one of the ways we can be valuable in representing you against the charges that you face.

What Are Your Criminal Defense Options?

Many individuals who are charged with a crime think of popular media portrayals of the criminal justice system.  However, legal matters in the real world can be drastically different from the way they are represented by television and movies.  DUI stops are sometimes enacted without proper cause, biological evidence is sometimes mishandled by the lab, and certain legal requirements to prove a certain crime “beyond a reasonable doubt” can be extremely difficult for the prosecution to establish.  With a seasoned Fairfax criminal lawyer by your side, you can work to build an effective defense using your attorney’s local knowledge and extensive litigation experience.

Criminal Charges in Fairfax County

There are a number of offenses for which individuals can face criminal prosecution in Fairfax, Virginia. These include, but are not necessarily limited to:

Fairfax County Criminal Lawyer

If you find yourself facing criminal charges, regardless of the gravity of the situation, contacting a criminal attorney at the earliest available opportunity can help ensure your rights are being protected from the very beginning of the process. Even a misdemeanor conviction can have a negative and long-lasting impact on your life, and there are several ways in which an experienced criminal defense attorney can assist you in mitigating these effects. The stakes are even higher if your job requires security clearance or you are or have been involved in a child custody case.

Work with a Fairfax Criminal Lawyer

Your lawyer can also inform you about the maximum penalties each charge carries, and advise you as to the possible hidden costs of accepting a plea arrangement. An experienced Fairfax criminal attorney also has functional knowledge of recent changes to the law, as well as the outcomes of prior cases that could be relevant in determining your best legal strategy.

If you are being questioned in relation to an open investigation or criminal matter, invoking your right to remain silent until seeking legal counsel can advise you how best to answer questions is a good step in protecting your rights. If you are charged, your case will likely be heard in court at 4110 Chain Bridge Road.

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