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If you have been charged with a crime in Arlington, Virginia, it’s important to remember that you have legal options.  An Arlington criminal lawyer can help you to understand the details of your charges, as well as the corresponding options for defense.  Regardless of the nature of the charges you are facing, it’s important to remember two things.  First, you must keep in mind that all criminal charges can have serious (and sometimes unforeseen) impacts on your future–even seemingly minor misdemeanor charges.  Secondly, always remember that you are entitled to fair treatment by the U.S. criminal justice system, which entails access to an experienced Arlington criminal lawyer and the option for your case to be heard in court. An Arlington criminal attorney can aggressively defend your rights throughout the legal process and help you to execute an effective defense strategy.

Value of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Arlington County VA Criminal LawyerWhen you retain a hard-working, seasoned attorney to represent you in your case, he or she will examine your case from every angle to see that you receive the best possible defense. Our Arlington criminal lawyers work with defendants from all walks of life, throughout the entire process of building a strong defense to help you receive the best outcome for your case.

If you decide that the stress of a trial is not something you are interested in, your Arlington criminal attorney can act as a negotiator on your behalf, working to reach a favorable plea bargain with the prosecution.  In some cases, there may be things that you can do proactively in order to achieve dramatically reduced penalties.  Your attorney will inform you of these opportunities and how you can best pursue them.

How Can an Arlington Criminal Lawyer Help?

A criminal defense attorney in Arlington can help you understand the elements of the offense for which you’re charged, what defenses may be available to you as well as what behaviors you may undertake to mitigate your potential exposure to harsh criminal punishment. The Arlington criminal lawyer may also help you understand what pre-trial negotiations may take place, what procedurally will happen on and before your court date and what options you may have if your case proceeds to trial.

To learn more details about the services offered by our experienced criminal defense team, contact our law firm today to conduct your free legal consultation.

Arlington Criminal Charges

If you are facing a misdemeanor charge such as disorderly conduct or trespassing, retaining an experienced criminal attorney is a step you can take to help minimize the impact your charges have on your future. Criminal charges can have long-ranging consequences in all areas of your life, and our attorneys have successfully defended clients against a range of criminal charges including but not limited to:

If you’re facing a misdemeanor charges in Arlington you should know that Arlington takes misdemeanor offenses very seriously. Generally class 1 misdemeanors in Virginia are punishable by 12 months in jail and/or fine of $2500. In Arlington misdemeanor offenses are prosecuted particularly aggressively. Arlington, unlike many of its neighbors, does not have a high amount of felony crime. This means that law enforcement and the local prosecutors and the judges can focus their attention on misdemeanors. In addition, many residents of Arlington County work for the government This means that they may have security clearances or have to undergo background checks. If you’re convicted of a criminal offense in Virginia—even a misdemeanor offense—they will remain on your record forever. This means that it may negatively affect security clearances and background checks.

Facing Arlington Criminal Investigations

Being linked to an open investigation can be taxing and stressful. If you’re being questioned by police an Arlington criminal attorney can help you understand what your rights are. Generally you have the right to remain silent and the right to be represented by counsel. You should not hesitate to invoke these rights if you’re questioned by the police. The police will not hold this against you, they will understand that you are entitled to invoke these constitutional rights guaranteed to you by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States. Maintaining your rights is important, and your criminal lawyer in Arlington will assist you in protecting your rights.

Find an Experienced Arlington Criminal Lawyer

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor crime, your case will most likely be heard at the Arlington General District Court located at 1425 North Courthouse Road in Arlington, Virginia. Your Arlington criminal lawyer will work alongside you to aggressively defend you.

It’s important to seek out a local Arlington criminal lawyer because Arlington is distinct from other Virginia jurisdictions in several ways. The local courts located in the Courthouse Complex on North Courthouse Road in will have specific criminal procedures and specific nuances to how they handle certain offenses. There will also be locally known procedures that may apply to certain prosecutors, certain law enforcement officials, and certain judges. For example, it may be more difficult to get a restricted license in front of one judge or certain other judges may not be amenable to work release or a delayed reporting if active jail time is imposed. These are just two of the examples of potential local criminal practices that an experienced local Arlington criminal attorney can help explain to you depending on the facts and circumstances of your unique case.

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