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The United States Constitution grants you the right, as an American citizen, to keep and bear arms. But there are instances where that right can be revoked. To make matters more complicated, each state establishes and enforces gun laws associated within its jurisdiction. One such Virginia gun law requires that if you possess and carry concealed firearms, you must have a valid permit. If you are caught without the permit (or commit other violations of the state’s gun laws), you may be guilty of a criminal offense. Misdemeanor and felony gun convictions can result from such offenses. If you face this type of situation, contact a Woodbridge gun lawyer as soon as possible.

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Explaining The Law

Gun Lawyer in Woodbridge, VAExactly who can own, possess, or carry guns in Virginia? There are several laws explaining this, as well the conditions under which you may do so. If you are accused of violating such laws, you can be represented by a Woodbridge gun lawyer.

What are some commonly prosecuted Virginia firearm offenses? These can include carrying a concealed gun without a permit, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. Certain gun crimes are considered misdemeanors (if they’re a first offense), and a felonies (upon second and subsequent offenses). Others are felony offenses with mandatory minimum sentencing. Keep in mind that carrying a gun and using it are two separate offenses, and can be prosecuted separately.

Significant jail terms can be a consequence of Virginia gun convictions. This is the case even for crimes of unlawful possession in which a gun is never brandished. There are even mandatory minimum sentencing for certain gun offenses. All of these reasons make it critical to explore options for your defense. When you have defense concerns, discuss your case with an attorney as soon as possible.

If you face Virginia gun charges, protecting your rights in the criminal justice system is essential. In these cases, the strongest defense is the one you build with a lawyer.

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