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Drug offenses in Virginia include the possession, manufacture, and distribution of both illegal narcotics and prescription drugs. A conviction for a drug-related offense may carry incredibly severe penalties, including possible jail or prison time. Bear in mind the fact that a criminal charge is simply an allegation, and your defense strategy will have an important impact on the outcome of your case. Facing drug charges in Alexandria, Virginia can be tough, but with a qualified professional handling your case, your odds of beating those charges improve greatly. If you have been accused of a drug-related crime, contact a skilled Alexandria drug attorney who can explain your charges in detail and provide you with in-depth information regarding your case and the best tactics to employ in order to avoid a conviction. We also represent clients who need assistance with other criminal charges in Alexandria.

Types of Drugs in Virginia

Alexandria VA Drug Lawyer PossessionVirginia’s Drug Control Act has separated different types of drugs into schedules based on their accepted medical use and their potential for addiction. There are six schedules of illegal substances, with the narcotics in Schedule I having no accepted medical use and the highest potential for addiction, and the drugs in Schedule VI having more accepted medical uses and the lowest potential for addiction. An example of a Schedule I drug would be heroin, whereas an example of a Schedule VI drug would be codeine, which can be found in cold medicine.

Drug Crimes in Alexandria

As stated in Virginia Code Section 18.2-248, “it shall be unlawful for any person to manufacture, sell, give, distribute, or possess with intent to manufacture, sell, give or distribute a controlled substance or an imitation controlled substance.” There are many variations of drug offenses with which a person could be charged, including:

  • Possession of illegal drugs
  • Possession with intent to distribute illegal drugs
  • Abuse of prescription drugs
  • Committing criminal acts while under the influence of drugs
  • Selling prescription or illegal drugs
  • Forging a doctor’s signature in order to acquire drugs

Someone who is convicted of manufacture, distribution or possession with the intent to manufacture, sell, or distribute a Schedule I or II substance faces five to 40 years in prison and a fine of up to $500,000, and that is just for a first offense. For second or subsequent convictions, the consequences only increase in severity. The various penalties associated with a drug offense conviction can be viewed (PDF File) here.

Any individual who commits an illegal act while under the influence of one or more intoxicants could be cited with drug charges, even if the substances were prescribed. Abuse of legal drugs is also punishable by law in the state of Virginia and falls under the same category as abuse of illegal drugs. Lending out or selling an illegal prescription could mean facing time in prison, even if you were unaware of this law.

The penalties for a drug charge can be also increase dramatically in situations where the offender was caught committing an illegal drug act in a drug free zone. Drug free zones are usually associated with places where children are likely to be found such as:

  • Schools
  • Playgrounds
  • Youth centers
  • Public swimming pools
  • School buses

Protect Yourself from the Consequences of a Drug Charge

With punishments that include jail time and extremely high fines, being charged with a drug-related crime should be taken extremely seriously. If you are convicted, you could be taken away from your family, experience financial strain, and damage your personal relationships with family members, friends, and peers in your community.

Contact a Alexandria Drug Attorney Today

In order to protect yourself from the negative consequences that accompany a conviction for a drug-related offense, you would be well-served by an experienced Alexandria criminal defense attorney. Our Alexandria drug lawyers have the local experience and legal savvy necessary to help fight the charges you are facing. Contact his law office today a free evaluation of your case and to learn more about the charges filed against you and the possible penalties at hand.

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