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Drug laws in Stafford County prohibit a wide range of behavior from something as simple as possession, to possessing with intent to distribute, distribution, selling, and manufacture of drugs. There are also other kinds of drug offenses that relate to other crimes, for example being in possession of schedule 1 or 2 drugs simultaneously with a firearm. These crimes can have a life-changing impact, affecting both your personal and professional life. You could potentially be convicted of a felony, limiting employment and housing opportunities. That is why if you have been charged with a drug offense, you should reach out to a Stafford County drug lawyer. An experienced criminal defense attorney could work tirelessly to construct a solid defense for you.

Illegal Drugs in Stafford

In order for a drug to qualify as illegal, it needs to be on the schedule of drugs that has been adopted by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the person in possession of it must have a valid prescription for it.

There are a number of exceptions that allow people to interact legally with drugs. Being a healthcare professional who is licensed to prescribe them or a pharmacist who is licensed to give them out is an exception and persons who possess them pursuant to valid prescriptions are also an exception. A¬†Stafford County drug lawyer can attempt to see if any of these exceptions apply to an individual’s case.

Are Certain Drugs Penalized More Harshly Than Others?

Essentially the higher up on the schedule the drug is, the more harshly the law deals with crimes related to it. For example, a Schedule 4 drug such as one from Benzoyl Diazepam family is going to be a misdemeanor to possess, whereas harder drugs such as cocaine and heroin, opiates, and methamphetamine are considered Schedule 1 or 2 drugs, which could be a felony if one possesses them illegally. The primary thing about these drugs that makes the penalties harsher is the addictive qualities that they have and the harm that the legislature has deemed that they cause to society.

How Abuse of Prescription Drugs is Handled

If someone possesses a medically approved drug, one that is pursuant to a valid prescription or one that could be prescribed to them validly, it is still a crime to possess it. If a person at some point in the past was prescribed the drug and possessed it, if the prescription is no longer valid, it is a crime to have it. Similarly, anything that a person possesses that is on the drug schedule though it may be prescribed if they themselves do not have a prescription, it will be illegal for them to possess it.

Treatment of Drug Offenses

Drug crimes are treated seriously in Stafford County, they are prosecuted vigorously, there is significant effort on the part of law enforcement to detect and enforce those laws. Where a Stafford County drug lawyer can assist someone with a drug charge is by helping them navigates an unfamiliar process. An attorney can also attempt to give someone the best defense possible so that they could potentially have their charge reduced.

While the laws in Virginia are uniform throughout the Commonwealth there are always local practices as well as local personalities that make a significant difference on the case. How a particular prosecutor handles cases, how a particular judge handles case are key pieces of information that can provide a critical tactical advantage in helping a person have the best outcome possible with their case.

Reasons to Contact a Stafford Drug Attorney

If you are facing drug charges in Stafford County, then you are facing serious consequences. Drug possession is something that has potential consequences for the rest of your life and can lead to felony charges but even misdemeanor charges could be something that will impact your record. it is very important to involve an attorney in that process so that they can beat the charge as possible or if that it is not possible, do everything in their power to reduce the consequences and to soften the impact.

You should contact a Stafford County drug lawyer as soon as you know either that you are being investigated as soon as they have been released after being arrested. There is no such thing as involving an attorney too soon in the process. There are all kinds of mistakes that are common that a lawyer could help you avoid, as well as proactive steps that an attorney can assist you in taking, which can have a positive influence on the outcome of your case.

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