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Assault Lawyer in Manassas VirginiaWhen you are charged with misdemeanor or felony assault, a Manassas assault lawyer can assist in presenting your case to law enforcement and the court.

It’s not uncommon for police to arrest the wrong person in an assault situation. Very often these offenses occur outside of the presence of law enforcement and they must do their best to ascertain the facts and circumstances from witnesses who may or may not be cooperative. While law enforcement generally do an excellent job at determining probable cause for an arrest, it’s possible that they may make a mistake. Common instances in which they may make a mistake include mistaken identity, mistaken acceleration of the offending conduct, and when witnesses get together to point blame at the wrong person.

Choosing A Manassas Assault Lawyer For Your Case

You should look for an experienced assault attorney in Manassas who has handled assault-related cases in the past. It is important to find an attorney who is knowledgeable about the law, experienced in court, experienced in handling similar factual scenarios, and familiar with the local court system in Manassas.

Types of assault cases which are handled by Manassas assault lawyers include:

  • Simple assault
  • Assault and battery
  • Unlawful wounding
  • Malicious wounding
  • Aggravated malicious wounding
  • Assault based on national origin, religion, and race, among other attributes
  • Assault against an officer
  • Domestic assault

Our Manassas assault lawyers also handle cases concerning other criminal matters in Manassas, including:

Consequences of an Assault Conviction

A criminal conviction can impact your future because it stays on your record forever. It does not go away. A criminal conviction may make it difficult for you to obtain a security clearance, to pass a background check for employment, or to procure credit for a small businesses in the future. In addition, if you’re applying for professional or business licenses there is often a criminal background component.  Other rights which may be impacted by criminal convictions include the right to carry a concealed weapon. Contact a Manassas assault lawyer today to learn more about how you can take steps to protect your record and your future.

Setting The Record Straight

If you were acting in self-defense, it is a case of mistaken identity, or you don’t believe that you committed an assault, it is certainly in your best interest to contact a Manassas assault lawyer right away.

It may not be in your best interests to assert your claims to a law enforcement officer at the time of your arrest. This may be because their mind is already made up or witness statements are already set against you.

However, when you contact a Manassas assault lawyer, you can discuss what defenses you may have including what witnesses may be present and what evidence may be able to be preserved to present the case in a very best way possible.

Advantages of a Manassas Assault Lawyer

If you are facing assault charges, or even just an investigation, you do not have to go through this ordeal alone. A Manassas assault lawyer can be an asset in exploring your options and protecting your rights, record, and reputation. An assault attorney in Manassas can speak to the Commonwealth’s Attorney on your behalf to negotiate for a plea. Moreover, a Manassas assault lawyer can help you build a case that tells your side of the story in court. Your attorney can investigate the incident, search for witnesses, and review the government’s case for weaknesses.

It is important to find an attorney who you feel is right to represent you in your case. Call and consult with attorneys until you find a lawyer who you believe you can trust, and who you believes understands you and your goals. You and your Manassas assault lawyer will work together to protect your best interests.

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