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Criminal accusations of sex-related offenses carry some of the harshest penalties in the U.S. legal system. Virginia has strict sex crimes laws. Failing to mount a competent legal defense strategy could cause irreversible harm.

Sex crimes include many offenses beyond rape. Other crimes include molestation, prostitution, solicitation, sexual abuse, indecent exposure, sex offender registry violations, sexual misconduct, forcible touching, sex trafficking, unlawful surveillance, and incest.

If you have been accused of any sex-related offense, contact a Manassas sex crimes lawyer to discuss the law, defenses, and the potential consequences of criminal convictions. An experienced defense attorney may be able to provide you with the legal representation you deserve.

What Constitutes a Sex Crime?

Sex crimes include a wide range of offenses that are prohibited by state and federal law. Virginia recognizes two general types of sex crimes – violent and non-violent. Each offense carries with it a separate set of consequences depending on the severity of the crime. Anyone who is accused of a sex crime should take the accusation very seriously, as a conviction for a sex-related offense could potentially cause the following repercussions:

  • Reputational damage
  • Embarrassment and humiliation
  • Community service
  • Monetary fines and penalties
  • Payments to the accuser (restitution)
  • Imprisonment for months, years, or even decades
  • Registering as a sex offender

A Manassas sex crimes lawyer could attempt to mitigate the severity of these repercussions.

Sex Offender Registration in Manassas

Many individuals are concerned about the process regarding sex offender registration. While registration was originally intended for serial offenders and defendants convicted of rape, the number of offenses that could lead to potential sex offender registration has greatly increased over the years. Registration reveals personal information about the offender, as the offender is required to share their:

  • Name
  • Photo
  • Type of sex crime conviction
  • Birthday/Age
  • Physical description
  • Scars, marks, tattoos, or other identifying features
  • Home/Employer address
  • Vehicle information

In addition to sharing this information, the defendant is required to periodically update this information with the registry. This is in addition to maintaining contact with their parole or probation officer, who will likely inquire into the status of the offender’s registration. Since this information is publicly displayed and made available to friends, family, potential employers, and romantic interests, any individual accused of a sex crime should speak with an attorney to discuss their options.

Possible Defenses

A Manassas sex crimes lawyer can review a defendant’s case to determine what defenses are applicable depending on the situation, but these defenses remain viable in this area of the law, consent, alibi, and, fruit of the poisonous tree.


The accuser’s consent is a powerful defense that may negate the crime altogether. Adults have free will, and consenting adults are permitted to engage in an uncountable number of acts once both parties agree and are willing participants. Proving that the accuser actually consented to the act may negate an element of the crime charged and lead to the acquittal or dismissal


Alibi  refers to proving that the actor was in a different location at the time the alleged crime transpired could lead to freedom from culpability

Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

Fruit of poisonous tree is evidence that is obtained illegally and may be deemed inadmissible at trial. This is a technical argument that focuses on the investigation taken by the police and other law enforcement personnel. If the evidence was procured by improper means, an attorney may be able to argue that it should not be considered at trial

Contact a Manassas Sex Crimes Attorney Today

Facing criminal charges for sex crimes will probably be the most difficult legal battle you will ever have to endure. Do not try to take on a prosecutor on your own. Avoid retaining the services of government-appointed lawyers.

Although legal aid attorneys may provide representation without cost, their caseloads are often filled with so many cases that they cannot possibly pay the attention to your case that you need to properly defend yourself.

Contact a Manassas sex crimes lawyer to schedule a case analysis with an attorney who can help to provide advice and counsel for your case. Meetings are confidential.

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