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What To Expect At a Leesburg Speeding Ticket Stop

Being pulled over, especially for the first time, can be an intimidating experience with a variety of consequences. As a result it is important you know what to expect and take the necessary actions to ensure that your situation doesn’t get any worse. With this in mind, the following is what you need to know if stopped by police. To learn more consult with a Leesburg speeding ticket lawyer today.

The Initial Stop

If you are stopped for violation of traffic law in Virginia, you should first attempt to move your vehicle to a safe place for you and the law enforcement officer. If you are on a highway it means trying to find a wide shoulder and pull as far off the shoulder as is safe. If you are driving in a more residential or business area, this may mean finding a suitable parking lot or a side street that is free of traffic to make your stop.

If you are asked to stop, what you should never do is simply stop your vehicle in a turn lane or a regular lane of travel. If you do not immediately see a safe place to pull over, slow your speed to acknowledge the officer’s signal and potentially either turn on a blinker or hazard lights to let the officer know that you have regarded his signal and that you are looking for a safe place to pull over.

Making Contact With The Officer

The next thing you should expect upon encountering a law enforcement officer in a traffic stop is that they will be nervous. Law enforcement officers often say that the initial moments of the traffic stop are some of the most harrowing moments in all of their duties as law enforcement officers. They have never encountered you before, you have never encountered them, and they truly do not know what to expect when they first walk up to your vehicle. Therefore, you should make an extra effort to treat officers with respect and not to make any sudden movements that may make them think that something nefarious is happening.

What Kind of Questions Is An Officer Likely to Ask?

You should expect that the law enforcement officer will ask you for your license and registration and they will ask you to turn off the vehicle while they do their background check. If you have violated a traffic law, you should then expect that the officer will issue you a Virginia Uniform Summons, explain the Virginia Uniform Summons briefly, and let you know whether you need to appear in court.

On the left side of the Virginia Uniform Summons underneath the code section and the description of the offense is a block that tells the person summoned how they can prepay for the offense—or, if the box is crossed out, when and where they need to appear for court.

You should expect that an officer will be able to consider your questions within reason. You should expect that the courtesy shown to the officer during the period of the traffic stop will reflect positively on you if your case goes to court.

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