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Voluntary Surrender of Firearms in Prince William County 

Voluntary surrender of firearms in Prince Wiliam County means that a person is giving up possession or ownership of a firearm (and often associated objections like ammunition) to a person or entity that is lawfully allowed to receive the firearm, without the transfer violating the law, being forced by the law, or resulting from an initial seizure of the firearm by law enforcement.

There are many reasons why one may choose to surrender their firearm. If you are considering surrendering your guns, or have any questions regarding the process, reach out to an experienced gun lawyer today. An attorney could help you with the process and ensure your rights are being protected.

Why Might a Person Choose to Surrender a Firearm?

One reason someone might choose to surrender a firearm is if they anticipate being convicted in the near future of an offense that will cause them to become ineligible to legally possess a firearm for some temporary or permanent period of time.

On occasion, the prosecution will offer to drop or reduce gun-related charges if a defendant surrenders their firearms during the pendency of a case, assuming that relinquishment moots most of the legal concerns that the prosecution initially had with the defendant’s case.

Mitigating or Avoiding Criminal Charges

If one has become temporarily or permanently ineligible to lawfully possess a firearm, but still has a gun in their possession, the voluntary surrender of firearms in Prince William County often avoids or mitigates further criminal charges. In some instances, the surrender of guns is required by law, and failure to do so can lead to severe criminal liability. A common example is when someone becomes subject to a legal protective order and thus loses the right to possess firearms while the order is in effect. That person must surrender all firearms and all concealed carry permits within 24 hours of being served with notice of the protective order to avoid prosecution for more failure to surrender charges. Contact an accomplished lawyer for more information.

Call a Prince William County Lawyer About the Voluntary Surrender of Firearms

If a person is substantially unsure of whether their firearms or firearm permits actually need to be surrendered, an attorney will probably advise confirming this before attempting surrender. It may well be that the police do not believe or understand why the person is surrendering their arms, which causes them to further investigate the person for suspicious activity which leads to other charges being brought. It also might be the case that, by law, a person was required to make the surrender a long time ago, so when they show up to go through with the surrender they get charged for improperly possessing firearms even pursuant to them being relinquished. Finally, it is crucial to ensure that no illegal firearms are being surrendered in terms of being stolen, banned, or improperly modified, or else the surrender could lead to corresponding gun charges.

Reach out to a well-versed lawyer to learn more about the voluntary surrender of firearms in Prince Wiliam County.

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