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Gun Lawyer in Prince William, VAWhen it comes to the possession of firearms, U.S. citizens are provided with certain rights according to the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. However, with these rights comes responsibility. The actual possession, as well as the use of a firearm, can become threatening and even dangerous when it occurs in particular situations. This is why the ability to bear arms is regulated by both state- and federally-mandated statutes in order to provide a level of safety for the public as well as gun owners.

The violation of any state gun law may be classified as either a felony or misdemeanor offense, depending on the actual severity of the offense, the overall intent of the person committing the offense, the amount of damage that was done, and whether a more serious crime was committed with the firearm violation. If you find that you are facing any type of gun-related charges, then you need to find an experienced Prince William gun attorney who will help you fully understand the actual charges you are facing, as well as the penalties you may receive if you are found guilty. A criminal defense lawyer who understands the gun laws in the Commonwealth, and how local prosecutors enforce them, will provide you with invaluable information and the potential for skilled representation that can help lead you through the legal process.

Gun Regulations in the State of Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia places a very high priority on its residents’ safety. One way that it manifests that intent to protect these residents is with the regulation of the ownership and usage of guns.

Gun laws are covered in the Virginia Code at Sections 18.2-279 to 18.2-312. These are the sections where the state code outlines the regulations on items and locations where the possession of firearms is legal and how and where a gun may be discharged. It also outlines the types of firearms that are considered legal and those persons who are not allowed to actually possess firearms. The restrictions on illegal gun usage, as well as possession, include the following:

  • Using a firearm while hunting and intoxicated
  • Brandishing a gun or other deadly weapon for intimidation purposes
  • Taking any type of firearm in an airport terminal, courthouse, school, or place of worship
  • Discharging any firearm in a dwelling, building, or another public place
  • Having a loaded gun or weapon in a public area without holding the proper permit to carry a concealed handgun
  • Possessing a lawfully concealed handgun while intoxicated
  • The possession of a sawed-off rifle or sawed-off shotgun or other types of firearm that has been altered illegally
  • Possession of a semi-automatic gun such as an Armsel Striker or a Striker 12 Streetsweeper

If you are facing a criminal charge for violation of gun possession or gun usage laws, it is important to contact a gun lawyer in Prince William County right away. When you receive experienced, talented legal counsel from a Prince William gun lawyer, you can put your trust in their experience and knowledge of the law, knowing that we will protect your rights, as well as answer any questions that you may have regarding the gun laws in the state and the penalties that you are facing.

Virginia Gun Law Violation Penalties

The severity of the offense that you commit will determine whether you face felony or misdemeanor charges. Since the details of each crime involving a gun vary, so does the punishment that you may receive. The place where the gun possession was illegal will impact the severity of the charges you face. For example, having a gun in a place of worship, school, or airport carries a higher penalty than having a gun in other public areas.

No matter the situation, or the type of gun-related charges you are facing, hiring a qualified, experienced Prince William gun attorney will help you receive a positive outcome to your case.

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