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What Are The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in Loudoun DUI Cases?

    • If you have been accused of driving under the influence in Loudoun County here’s the biggest mistakes to avoid according to our attorneys

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Some of the most common mistakes that I see occur in DUI cases are that people will simply enter a guilty plea rather than fully evaluating the evidence against them and taking a case to trial to test the sufficiency of the evidence. Additionally, motions practice can be helpful in DUI cases. By motions practice I mean filing motions to suppress or motions to limit the potential evidence that may come in. In some DUI cases, officers or law enforcement officials are not as sound in their field sobriety tests and driving detection methods as they should be. Therefore, an attorney can seek to exclude much of the information that will be harmful to their client through motions.

Why Is It Important to Hire a DUI Attorney With Experience Practicing in Loudoun County?

As a Loudoun County DUI attorney, I’ve seen hundreds of cases come through the halls of the court. I’ve been able to glean information from prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement officials to learn what types of strategies work, what types of strategies don’t work, and how far I can push certain evidentiary aspects of my case.

I’ll be able to advise clients on the different options they may have prior to trial, different trial strategies that they have if they choose to go to trial. I can also give advice on what will happen after a trial. In the case of a DUI, often clients need local advice on how to handle the post-trial responsibilities.

As an experienced local attorney, I can advise them of that. I have personal relationships with the ASAP providers, the community correction and probation providers, and the clerk’s office to make sure that their post-conviction tasks are secured.

What Experience Do You Have That Can Help in DUI Cases?

In addition to having a strong background in case law for DUI cases, I also have particular training in the form of advanced training for field sobriety and DUI detection, advanced training in the proper usage and maintenance of the ECR/II machine, and essential training in the case law that may come up in a DUI defense case.

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