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A Loudoun County traffic lawyer can represent you if you have been cited for a violation of the Virginia traffic laws.  Drivers are expected to obey the rules of the road and can face jail, fines and a license suspension if they don’t. Your attorney in Loudoun County can help you to understand your options and defend you if you have been accused of a traffic offense.

Why Call a Loudoun County Traffic Lawyer?

Too many drivers simply pay their ticket without first talking to an attorney.  While you may assume just sending in the fine is the simplest and best solution, this can actually have significant consequences. You could get too many demerit points and lose your license, and you could be locked out of jobs that require a clean driving record. Your insurance is also going to go up for virtually all moving violations.

A Loudoun County traffic lawyer may be able to help you avoid all of these unpleasant consequences that are associated with getting a ticket. You can plead not guilty and try to avoid being convicted or you can negotiate a deal to lessen penalties and ideally keep your driving record clean. An attorney with experience handling traffic cases can review the circumstances leading to your citation, help you decide on the best response to the traffic offense, and represent you with the prosecutor or in court.

Loudoun County Traffic Laws

Chapter 8 of Virginia Code Title 46.2 details all of the different traffic rules. Any time a motorist fails to follow the regulations, there is a risk of a citation.  Common driving behaviors that lead to traffic tickets can include failure to yield; texting while driving a vehicle; failing to stop for a signal or stop sign; passing a stopped school bus; or speeding. A motorist can actually be charged with speeding (or reckless driving) in Virginia even if he is not exceeding the limit if a law enforcement officer thinks the driver is going too fast for road conditions.

A motorist who receives a ticket must respond either by paying the fine, which is essentially the same as admitting guilt, or by coming to court on a designated date for a hearing. Failure to do one of these two things could lead to a trial in your absence, a suspension of a driver’s license and/or a bench warrant being issued for your arrest.  A Loudoun County traffic lawyer can provide assistance to defendants who were unable to make traffic court and who are now facing legal problems as a result.

Getting Help from a Loudoun County Traffic Lawyer

Don’t simply accept that receiving a traffic ticket means a fine, a black mark on your driving record, and higher insurance costs. A Loudoun County traffic lawyer can fight on your behalf to help you get a better outcome after you have been cited for a traffic violation. Call today to schedule a consultation with an attorney so you can learn more about how your lawyer can assist with your case.

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