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Challenging Points on Your License in Loudoun County

If you believe there was an administrative error that caused points to be applied to your license incorrectly, you may contact the Virginia DMV and seek administrative action to correct that error. However if you simply think the points are wrong or that you should not be assessed points, there is typically not a way to have that corrected. That is because the demerit point system is not discretionary; it simply applies points based upon the conviction taken out of court.

To learn more about the application of points onto your license or how many points a specific charge will add onto your license, call a Loudoun County traffic lawyer today and discuss your case.

Can You Get the Points Removed From Your License?

Once points are assessed by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, there is not an administrative process by which the driver can have these points removed. There are only two ways to improve one’s Virginia driver’s license score.

The first is to take a voluntary Virginia DMV-approved driver improvement program course once every two years. This may be taken online if a person is age 20 or older, but must be taken in person if the driver is under 20. The course allows drivers to receive up to  +5 voluntary safe driving points. They can only receive these +5 points once every two years, but it can help drivers who have received demerit points in the past to return their overall score to the highest possible.

The other way to remove points from your license is simply to go a certain period of time without incurring additional traffic infractions or criminal convictions. The points are taken off after a period of time as prescribed under the demerit point system; avoiding any more infractions will allow those points to go off naturally.

How Can A Loudoun County Traffic Lawyer Help?

If you’re charged with a traffic infraction or a driving offense that may be a criminal offense but also carries potential demerit points, you’ll want to contact a Loudoun County traffic lawyer to understand what your options are rather than going in front of the judge.

A Loudoun County traffic lawyer can work with the prosecutor, town police officer, state trooper, and/or sheriff’s deputy to try to come up with a solution to your case that allows you to potentially receive less points than you would have if you’re found guilty under the offense as originally charged. For example, someone charged with a speeding ticket who carries a commercial driver’s license or drives for a living may want to take any action possible to prevent a moving violation conviction on a license because it carries automatic demerit points. A Loudoun County traffic attorney can work with the Commonwealth’s Attorney and law enforcement officials to try and craft the solution.

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