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Routine traffic stops, police questioning, or even a night out gone awry can all result in unexpected arrests and criminal charges. An arrest and subsequent charges can cause a multitude of complications in your life in the short term, and if not addressed immediately, may result in far-reaching consequences. Dealing with the aftermath of an arrest can be stressful, frightening and draining. If you have been arrested in Leesburg, Hillsboro, or any other location within Loudoun County, an experienced Loudoun County criminal lawyer can offer advice on the best way to deal with your charges.

Dealing With Criminal Charges in Loudoun County

Criminal Lawyer in Loudoun County, VACriminal charges you could potentially face in Loudoun County include:

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor offense including drug charges or firearm offenses, your Loudoun county criminal lawyer has to begin working for you immediately, examining your case comprehensively to determine the best strategy for your defense. Having to navigate the Loudoun County criminal court system is daunting, but the knowledge and experience of a criminal attorney well-versed in the minutiae of local laws and statutes is the single best option you have for effectively fighting your case.

Consequences of a Criminal Charge in Loudoun County

If your job requires security clearance or you are, or have been involved in a child custody case, even a relatively minor misdemeanor conviction can have long-lasting, negative effects on your life. A Loudoun county criminal attorney will discuss with you the maximum penalties each charge carries, and advise you as to the possible hidden costs of accepting a plea arrangement. Thomas Soldan, our Loudoun County criminal defense lawyer has working knowledge of recent changes to the law, as well as the outcomes of prior cases that could be relevant in determining your best legal strategy.

Felony Charges in Loudoun County

If you are facing felony charges in Loudoun County, it is imperative you contact a criminal lawyer in Loudoun as soon as you can. Serious drug charges, assault charges, and DUI charges can be punished with multiple years in prison. Start building your defense today.

Being Investigated

If you are being questioned in relation to an open investigation or criminal matter in Loudoun County, a criminal defense lawyer can advise you how best to answer questions. It is strongly recommended you invoke your right to remain silent until contacting your criminal lawyer. Until you have, you should politely decline to make any statements to police about a criminal matter. If you are charged, your case will likely be heard in Loudoun County General District Court at 18 East Market Street in Leesburg.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Who Knows Loudoun County

Thomas Soldan understands the Loudoun County criminal system. His office in Leesburg provides him with quick and easy access to the Loudoun County courthouses. A past President of the Loudoun County Bar Association, Thomas Soldan is an excellent, reliable criminal defense attorney for any charges in or around Leesburg.

Criminal Offenses in Leesburg

Please contact Loudoun Criminal Lawyer, Thomas Soldan for more information about these laws, the penalties that may be associated with them, and possible defense strategies that could help you avoid a conviction. You can also schedule a free consultation with an attorney to review the details of your case.

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