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What to Know About Loudoun County

Loudoun County is located in the northwest part of Virginia. It is directly west of Fairfax County along the Potomac River. To the south of Loudoun County is Fauquier County and Prince William County. To the west of Loudoun County across the Blue Ridge Mountains is Clarke County, Frederick County, and Winchester. To the north of Loudoun County is the Potomac River, West Virginia, and Maryland. It is a diverse county with many large employers, easy access to the Washington metropolitan area, and some wonderful communities. A Loudoun County criminal lawyer is a part of many of these communities, defending the rights of citizens.

The Make-up of Loudoun County

Loudoun County is one of the fastest-evolving and fastest-growing counties in all of the United States. Within Northern Virginia, Loudoun County is more rural than Fairfax County but certainly more urban and suburban than some of the western counties like Winchester, Frederick, Fauquier, and Culpeper Counties. Loudoun County has a mix of small towns that have been expanded as Northern Virginia has expanded.

Most of the suburban areas were developed in the last 20 years. Neighborhoods like Ashburn, Ashburn Farm, and Broadlands did not exist 20 years ago. They were largely farmlands but are now bustling communities.

Loudoun County Workforce

Loudoun County has a very diverse workforce. Loudoun County still has a large agricultural economy, including crops and livestock. In southern parts of Loudoun County, there is a large population of white-collar commuters who drive into DC on a regular basis.

There is a large white-collar workforce that supports the technology, IT, and airline industries. Then, in other areas of the county, there is still a significant blue-collar manufacturing population that supports both the local service economy as well as local manufacturing businesses.

The people who live in Loudoun County often work there. This is especially true for people who work in the technology center and work in the IT center. In the eastern part of Loudoun County, there is the Dulles Technology Corridor with a lot of IT jobs that support both the government and the private sectors. In particular, the defense and airline industries.

There is also a large portion of the population living outside of Loudoun County working in the county. They are typically in support roles in Loudoun County such as teachers, government officials, and police officers.

Loudoun County Wealth

Loudoun County is considered wealthy. It consistently rates as one of the wealthier counties in the United States per capita. This is due to a large amount of high-paying jobs in the IT and tech sectors as well as the government and government services industries.

Major Employers

Some of the major employers in Loudoun County are the Loudoun County government, which includes the county government, the local town government, law enforcement, and Loudoun County Public Schools. There is also a wide variety of IT and technology employers, including lots of major companies. There are also major firms such as General Dynamics, Raytheon, and Amazon.

Service Industry

There are a lot of service industry jobs in Loudoun County due to Loudoun County’s growing development of agricultural businesses. Loudoun County is on the forefront both in Virginia and across the country for local craft breweries, farm breweries, and local wineries. Loudoun County is, by far, the largest per capita winery location in the Commonwealth of Virginia, meaning that there are wineries found all over the county as well as many breweries. In addition, restaurants, and bed and breakfasts also have a significant corporate presence as well.

Hospital/Medical Jobs

Loudoun County has two major hospitals with the recent opening of the StoneSprings Hospital, which is part of the HCA system. There are also two branches of local Inova hospital system, which is a large system throughout Northern Virginia, so there are a lot of medical field jobs.

Military Jobs

There is also the presence of a large workforce that supports the military in and around Dulles Airport. In both Loudoun County and Fairfax County, there are many military and defense jobs.

Loudoun County Law Enforcement

Loudoun County does have a significant law enforcement presence because of the way Loudoun County is structured. Loudoun County has its own sheriff’s office, which provides law enforcement throughout the county. There is also a significant Virginia State Police presence in Loudoun County. The Virginia State Police has current jurisdiction over most matters with the local county’s sheriff’s office, and then Loudoun County also has several large towns that have their own police department. Additionally, the Washington Metro Airport Authority Police –WMAAP– have a presence in the county due to Dulles International Airport largely being within Loudoun County. This means that crimes committed at the airport are investigated by the WMAAP, but prosecuted in Loudoun County courts.

Loudoun County at a Glance

The county is a diverse place with large employers and rural communities alike. The presence of military, healthcare, and private industries keep the county running. For more information about Loudoun County, and the rights of people in the county, contact a Loudon County criminal lawyer today.


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