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While speeding is often considered the way of life on roadways through the Commonwealth, it is against the law and can become a serious matter in certain circumstances. If you’ve been ticketed for speeding in Fauquier County, Virginia, a Fauquier County speeding ticket lawyer is a good resource for information on how best to deal with the ticket and understand its potential consequences.

Speeding Laws in Fauquier County, Virginia

Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Fauquier County, VAAccording to Virginia Code Section 46.2-870, the maximum speed on most Virginia roadways is 55 miles per hour unless otherwise posted . In Fauquier County, there are a variety of different speed zones, including 25 mph, 35 mph, 45, mph, 55 mph, and even a 70 mph zone.  If you are in the Town of Warrenton, there is even a 15 mph zone, so you need to watch your speed limit signs closely.

The Virginia State DMV states that if you’re ticketed for exceeding the maximum posted speed limit, they may:

  • Post the offense to your driving record
  • Assign points to your license
  • Inform your insurance company
  • Require you to take safe driving courses
  • Suspend your license (if applicable)

For driving one to nine miles over the speed limit, you can receive three points against your license, and four points for speeds 10 to 19 miles over the speed limit. If you exceed the speed limit by 20 mph you will receive six points, even if you are not charged with reckless driving. Points for these violations stay on your license for five years.

Reckless driving by speed (Virginia Code Section 46.2-862) is defined as exceeding 20 miles per hour over the speed limit or in excess of 80 mph regardless of the speed limit, is a criminal offense that increases in severity as the speed increases.  It carries serious penalties that can do more harm than a regular speeding ticket. If convicted of reckless driving, you face a class 1 misdemeanor conviction, with potential fines of up to $2,500, up to twelve months in jail, a potential license suspension of up to six months and six points on your license for an extended period of eleven (11) years.

What to do After Getting a Speeding Ticket

When handed a speeding ticket, you have two options: You can pre-pay the fine, which is equivalent to a guilty plea and absorb the negative points against your license, or you can contact a Fauquier County speeding ticket lawyer to discuss your potential options for a defense or mitigation of your allegations. Choosing to pay the fine and accept the points on your license is admirable, but you may be best served by contacting an attorney to discuss how you can best avoid the serious collateral consequences that may arise when the speeding tickets begin to mount up.  Will the ticket lead to a points-based suspension from DMV? If you can’t drive, you can’t get to work, and in some cases, you can lose your job. If you choose to fight the ticket in court, you probably shouldn’t go it alone – not when there are experienced, qualified Fauquier county speeding ticket lawyers only a call away.

Hiring a Fauquier County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Experienced Fauquier County speeding ticket lawyers are especially useful when you want to take your case to court but have no idea what to do, where to go, or what to say. What can a speeding ticket lawyer offer? A qualified and experienced speeding ticket lawyer will have working strategies on how to argue for reduction in the charges, which may influence the points fines or points involved, or dismissal of the ticket altogether. By hiring a speeding ticket lawyer with experience working in Fauquier County you give yourself the best possible chance to minimize the amount of harm done by a speeding ticket.

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