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Building a Fairfax Federal Drug Defense

Building a Fairfax federal drug defense is a complicated process that should be handled with care. An accomplished federal drug attorney may want to develop a defense strategy based on multiple factors, such as background, constitutional rights and circumstances of the investigation.

They may spend time researching the applicable case law to make sure that they could defend your case and provoke a reasonable doubt in a jury. By contacting a skilled criminal lawyer, you could begin the process of defending your reputation and strengthening your case.

Treatment of Federal Drug Cases in Fairfax

Federal judges treat drug cases differently depending on the defendant and the facts and circumstances of the case before them. The seriousness of the situation could be difficult to predict, which is why it is important to have experienced defense attorney by his or her side that could help in building a Fairfax federal drug defense.

Due to the seriousness of the alleged offense, a judge may take the case quite seriously. As a result, the common defense strategies in federal drug cases may include aggressively litigating any potential constitutional rights violations as well as forcing the government to prove each element of each charge.

Mitigating Charges in Fairfax Federal Drug Cases

Defense attorneys may look for potential constitutional issues to try to avoid prosecution on the federal level. They may want to know as much as possible about the character, family, and background of the defendant and could work to change the applicability of the sentencing guidelines to try and portray the defendant in a suitable light prior to going to court.

The most common constitutional issues that could come up in a federal drug case are fourth amendment issues involving seizures of defendants or searches of a person, their vehicle, or their home. Other constitutional issues include fifth amendment self-incrimination issues or sixth amendment right to counsel issues.

Typical Evidence Used in a Drug Case

Evidence typically presented in a federal drug case may include:

  • Forensic analysis of the substances involved
  • Analysis of chemical makeup
  • Identification of schedule of drugs
  • Quantity of substance
  • Testimony by law enforcement or co-defendant

A seasoned attorney could know the proper way to handle this evidence and advise the defendant on the next steps following the discovery period.

Qualities To Look for in a Fairfax Federal Drug Attorney

When hiring a federal drug lawyer, you could look for somebody experienced in federal drug cases, somebody who could be diligent in researching the many issues that arise in a federal drug prosecution, and somebody who may have the available resources to thoroughly defend against a federal prosecution.

Due to the difference between federal court and state court, gaining the assistance of an attorney practiced in federal court may be vital. Federal drug prosecutions come with exceptionally serious consequences, including the potential for many decades in federal prison. The federal court procedures may also be different from state court procedures. By hiring an attorney, who may be experienced in federal court, it could help when building a Fairfax Federal drug defense. Contact a Virginia criminal attorney today for a free consultation.

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