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Federal law prohibits a variety of conduct related to drug possession, distribution, trafficking, and dealing. While any of these actions could be considered a federal crime, cases are only brought to the federal level when an individual is dealing with a high quantity of drugs. When an individual is involved with large quantities of drugs they tend to grab the attention of federal task forces, or federal law enforcement.

If you have been accused of such an offense, it is important that you contact a qualified drug attorney immediately. Federal drug charges are very serious in nature and can result in severe penalties. A determined Fairfax federal drug lawyer could examine the charges that have been brought against you and determine an appropriate way to maneuver your case.

Federal Drug Investigations

Federal drug cases are usually investigated by multiple law enforcement personnel from multiple jurisdictions. Federal agencies that could be involved in investigating federal drug cases include the DEA or drug enforcement agency, the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agency, the FBI, and local and state law enforcement.

Mistakes Individuals Make When Being Investigated

The most common mistakes individuals make during the course of a federal drug investigation include consenting to a search of their person or vehicle, making self-incriminating statements to law enforcement, or trusting and confiding in individuals who may actually be confidential informants. Individuals who are unsure of how to navigate investigations should consult with a Fairfax federal drug lawyer. Such lawyers are well versed in coaching individuals and ensuring they do not make any damaging mistakes.

Federal Drug Charges

The most commonly seen federal drug charges usually involve conspiracy to traffic in drugs, drug trafficking, or drug distribution. In the past years, Congress has passed many mandatory minimum sentencing laws and advisory sentencing guidelines that have resulted in significantly higher sentences in the federal courts for the distribution of drugs.

Federal Drug Penalties

Penalties associated with federal drug charges are broad and depend on a variety of factors. Penalties are determined by a judge who considers a defendant’s criminal history, the quantity of the drugs the defendant was dealing with if anyone was harmed during the dealings, and other related factors. As Fairfax federal drug lawyers know, some penalties can include as much as life in prison.

Long-Term Consequences of a Federal Drug Conviction

The long-term consequences of a federal drug conviction are often severe. Individuals lose years of their life to prison, have to spend years away from their family and have to spend years out of the job market. Once and if they are released, they would have to start their lives all over again, except with supervised probation.

Re-entering society is not an easy process as it is difficult to maneuver the social and political stigmas of a felony drug conviction. Individuals with records often have difficulties getting employed, getting an education, or being qualified for housing. They can also lose their driver’s license, and their right to vote.

Contacting a Fairfax Federal Drug Attorney

If you have been accused of a federal drug offense, contact an attorney immediately.  Such offenses can carry serious penalties, including multiple years in prison. An experienced lawyer could help you build a strong defense. You deserve to have your freedom protected. Call a Fairfax federal drug attorney today.

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