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Frozen Accounts After an Alexandria Robbery Arrest

An experienced Alexandria robbery attorney will be helpful in making someone who was arrested for robbery aware of the possible life changing consequences that they may encounter when defending a robbery case at trial and the collateral work to be done. For example, if someone’s accounts become frozen after a robbery arrest in Alexandria, those responsibilities¬†of the robbery attorney may include entering and executing a power of attorney to allow a family member to handle a person’s financial affairs, signing over property making adjustments to their wills, giving financial access to other trusted family members or spouses, or setting up accounts that someone else will have the ability to access.

Impact on Family

If a person is arrested for robbery in Alexandria, they may be held without bond or given a high bond, which may have an impact on a person’s family and loved ones. The impact could be the lack of physical presence and how that impacts the family, the loss of employment, the loss of the ability to gain employment after release, and the loss of certain benefits, such as housing. This is especially true if the arrest precedes any kind of public or media attention.

Typically, if a person is arrested for robbery, the police will only take property that is related to the offense and what they believe is evidence. Depending on the circumstances of the case, this may include seizing or impounding the automobile the accused is alleged to have used during the commission of the offense.

To permanently seize or take property, law enforcement must follow proper forfeiture procedures. If a person is facing a potential forfeiture, they should talk to a skilled Alexandria attorney that has experience defending forfeiture actions.

What to Do in Cases of Frozen Assets

If a person’s account or property are incorrectly taken or frozen after an Alexandria robbery arrest because there is a mistake in the belief that they are related to the offense, the person may be able to file a motion to have that property released. If they are properly seized, they are off limits until the case is completed and, if it is not adjudicated favorably for the accused, the accounts or property may be subject to forfeiture after the case concludes.

When someone is charged with a serious offense, such as robbery, they do not always have the immediate means at their disposal to pay for an attorney. It is therefore important in that case to find an attorney that is willing to work with the person and their family on potential payment options.

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