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Alexandria Robbery Arrests

Someone who is arrested for robbery in Alexandria will need to understand their particular rights and what to expect moving forward. A person has no legal duty to speak with law enforcement, other than to provide their name and identifying information so that the police can process a warrant. Where a person is going or coming from, who their friends are, their location on certain dates, and other questions unrelated to establishing identity do not have to be and should not be answered. Responding to questions that may seem innocent can be harmful.

It is important that the individual invokes their right to remain silent until speaking to an attorney. In the case of a robbery arrest in Alexandria, an experienced robbery attorney will be essential in advising someone of their rights and of the procedure moving forward.

Common Robbery Arrests

There are typically two scenarios when someone is arrested for robbery in Alexandria. The first is an arrest as the offense occurs. This most commonly happens when the police are witnesses to the robbery, the robbery is stopped in progress, or the police arrive shortly after the robbery is complete. In that scenario, the accused will be arrested, typically notified of their Miranda rights, and the police may ask a few questions at that time. The person may not be subject to lengthy interrogation because the police have strong evidence.

The second common type of robbery arrest in Alexandria occurs after an investigation is complete and arrest warrants are issued. In this scenario, the police may have completed the majority of their investigation, have narrowed their suspects list, and have decided who to arrest and charge. After obtaining arrest warrants, the police attempt to serve those warrants and make an arrest. The arrest process may vary, but typically it includes identifying themselves as police officers, informing the person of the charges, and notifying them of their Miranda rights after placing the person under arrest. In this scenario, it is more common for a police to ask questions to gain more information while the person is caught off guard.

Booking Process

If an individual is arrested for robbery or any other felony offense, the booking process is time-consuming, but it will not be overly invasive. Typically, the accused is directed to provide identifying information, including information on their driver’s license, social security number, height, weight, identifying marks, and tattoos. The person will have their fingerprints or picture taken for the offense.

Contacting an Attorney

As soon as an individual is able to contact an experienced defense attorney to assist them in the next steps of the arrest process, they should do so. There are a variety of steps that may be required to facilitate a favorable bond decision and develop a defense, including securing evidence, that an experienced attorney needs to begin working on immediately after a person is charged. Accordingly, it is important to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible so that the attorney understands the full scope of someone’s robbery arrest in Alexandria and if there were any breaches in their client’s rights.

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