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Hiring a Virginia Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex crimes refer to crimes concerning illegal and/or non-consensual sexual activity.The penalties for these offenses range from fines and possible jail time, and mandatory registration on the sexual offender registry. Due to the severity and stigma that comes with these offenses, hiring a Virginia sex crimes lawyer is of the utmost importance. Speak with a qualified sex crimes attorney that could provide a vigorous defense for you.

Steps to Take Following a Sex Crime Charge

Hiring a Virginia sex crimes lawyer is of the utmost importance and should be the first thing that a person does. The next step an individual can take is to not speak. The accused should not make any comments to the police to try to explain the situation or make any comments to a friend. The defendant should not state that they were anywhere, anytime, with anyone, because all of that information could be used against them by the prosecution. A qualified sex crimes attorney could help an individual avoid incriminating themselves.

Value of Experience in Sex Crime Cases

An experienced criminal defense attorney has the knowledge to collect the information needed to properly defend sex crime cases, especially the issues that can go with certain types of DNA-related crimes. Experience gives the attorney the ability to create a very robust, aggressive defense.

In many instances, an experienced attorney is much more persuasive in defense of a charged person in a sex crime case, as they attempt to mitigate the consequences for the crime that the person has been charged with, or whether it is a defense in front of a jury or a judge.

Advantages of Working With a Private Law Firm

The advantages of hiring a Virginia sex crimes lawyer that works at a private law firm are endless. Private law firms have more resources available at their fingertips and a wide range of total experience, and time to spend with each individual. A law firm can pick and choose what cases they will take and put the effort of the entire law firm behind it. The law firm will have many individuals in their office, which bring into play experience in different situations with sex crimes and they can share and collaborate in order to create a team effort on a defense for a sex crime case.

Additionally, a law firm will have access and connections to excellent experts who are dominant in their respective fields who are able to testify credibly on the stand as opposed to a public defender who is forced to work with whomever the court appoints to them or who wants to work for a court-appointed fee. Unfortunately, that is something that can often hurt a charged person when they are up against an individual who has an expert, who is renowned in their field, as opposed to somebody who just has whoever was available on the court-appointed list. The difference in the ability to mount a defense with the right expert can sometimes mean the difference between a guilty and a not-guilty finding.

Importance of Working With a Virginia Sex Crimes Attorney

Hiring a Virginia sex crimes lawyer is vital when defending against sex crime charges. An experienced criminal defense attorney could be aggressive. They know what is going to happen in this type of case, and may know how to disprove parts of the prosecution’s evidence and poke holes in the prosecution’s case. If there is a defense to be had in the case, a qualified sex crimes lawyer will find it, and this will certainly benefit the person being charged. If an individual has been charged with a sex offense, they should retain a skilled sex crimes attorney that could advocate for them.

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