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Virginia Check Fraud Penalties 

Check fraud involves a person obtaining someone else’s signature in order to forge it, and it is a Class 6 felony. Virginia check fraud penalties are harsh. Using a bad check when a person does not have sufficient funds is larceny, a Class 1 misdemeanor, but it can be aggravated to a Class 6 felony. A Class 6 felony comes with imprisonment of not less than one year and not more than five years and a fine of not more $2,500. In terms of a misdemeanor, a Class 1 misdemeanor is punished by up to 12 months in jail and then up to $2,500 in fines. If you have more questions about penalties, talk to a professional Virginia check fraud lawyer.

Common Scenarios

Writing a check with insufficient funds happens when a person pays bills and they do not have enough in the bank, but they are still writing checks. This could lead to a scenario of check fraud. Forging someone else’s signature does happen, but it is less common than the aforementioned scenario. For that reason, the legislature, the people that drafted the Virginia code, adjusted the penalty accordingly. If a person has more concerns regarding common scenarios and penalties of check fraud in Virginia, they should refer to a lawyer.

Investigation for Check Fraud

A person should be vigilant about whether or not they are being investigated for check fraud. Frequently they will receive notice through an officer. Somebody may also approach them and introduce themselves as law enforcement, asking for a statement. They could be even be asked to take a polygraph. In most cases, it is going to be obvious. Only rarely is the investigation secretive, but it does come to the point where they need a person to make a statement. If a person thinks they are being investigated, they should contact an attorney immediately to avoid Virginia check fraud penalties.

Contacting a Virginia Fraud Lawyer

These types of charges are serious. Whether a person writes a check with insufficient funds and it is charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor or whether a person sees a more serious offense for forging someone else’s signature, they will need representation. A person could face active jail time and they could face a large fine. For that reason, a person should not wait to have a legal counsel on their side representing them on these charges.

There is also the label of a crime of honesty or a crime of moral turpitude. This could prevent them from future prospects like job offers. There is a social stigma that comes with a crime of honesty. A person should make sure to have somebody that would help prevent that from happening. This is possible, especially if it is the person’s first charge. Even if there is enough evidence to find them guilty, there are many different dispositions in check fraud cases. If you want to avoid Virginia check fraud penalties and protect your freedoms, it is in your best interest to contact a local, skilled lawyer immediately.

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