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Stafford County Marijuana Possession Penalties

Although the laws regarding the decriminalization of marijuana possession have changed in some parts of the country, those accused should be aware of potential Stafford County marijuana possession penalties. For purposes of Virginia law and the consequences that a person may face in a marijuana possession case, it is important to know that even a tiny amount of plant material found in their possession should be taken seriously. If you are facing possession charges associated with marijuana, it can be critical to speak with a distinguished marijuana possession lawyer.

Judges Leniency of Marijuana Charges

The primary circumstance where judges view marijuana charges with more leniency is when the person charged never had a prior charge or conviction related to drugs. If a person has never charged with a drug possession, if they have never undertaken deferred disposition before then they will be able to avail themselves of the first offender program for marijuana possession which involves being on probation for a period of time, having their license suspended for a period of time, and the completion of community service.

As long as they do all of those things and do not have any more criminal charges during the period of usually one year, then their case may be dismissed. For someone who has prior convictions, leniency is not as easy to come by. There are always things that lawyers can do to try mitigating Stafford County marijuana possession penalties. They could provide clean urine screens over a period of time or demonstrate that there has been drug treatment that has been undertaken. An experienced attorney can try defense tactics that they believe could potentially influence the prosecutors and courts.

Long-Term Implications of Marijuana Possession Charges

It is very likely that someone charged will suffer Stafford County marijuana possession penalties. Consequences for marijuana possession could be a conviction record that shows that they are found guilty or proof that they were involved in a marijuana drug-related case. Long term, what an accused individual should be concerned about is how their charge or conviction is going to appear to a current or future employer.

The more the country moves in the direction of legalization, the less impact those things are going to have. For now, in the Commonwealth of Virginia, it is still something that they care about and the biggest employer in this area continues to be the federal government and that something that they consider when undertaking the hiring process and thinking about issuing security clearances.

Benefit of a Lawyer

Possession charges of any kind should be taken seriously by anyone accused. Not only could someone face penalties if they are convicted, but the charge itself can cause long-term impacts on their lives. An attorney can discuss a plan of action with you before trial. They understand how daunting Stafford County marijuana possession penalties can be and can help you protect your future vision. If you are concerned about the outcome of your case, speak with trustworthy legal counsel before your case.

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