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Loudoun County Robbery Trials

Robbery cases are tried in Loudoun County either before a judge or a jury. During Loudoun County robbery trials, the prosecution presents evidence and the criminal attorney will present a strong defense. If you are facing robbery charges, it is imperative that you obtain an attorney who has trial experience. Call a dedicated robbery lawyer today to set up a consultation.

First Appearance in Court

There are many important things to remember when preparing for the first appearance in court. It is essential to know everything from the time, date and location of the appearance, to extra things like how to act, dress, or even park at the courthouse. An experienced attorney could brief the defendant on all details of the case to try and ensure that nothing goes wrong when it counts on the appointed day in court.

Jury Trials For Loudoun County Robbery Cases

Jury trials for robbery cases across the Commonwealth of Virginia are relatively rare as they take an extensive amount of time and significant resources. However, it is more common to see a jury trial for robbery cases in Loudoun County than many other kinds of crimes as the stakes are high with the potential for lifelong incarceration.

Jury Selection

At the beginning of a jury trial, the prosecution and defense go through a process called “voir dire” with the help of the judge. Voir dire is when the legal counsel for both sides evaluate and select the jury. Jurors may be eliminated from the pool if they have outstanding biases, potential personal conflicts of interest, or if their background may predispose them to certain conclusions. The prosecution and defense will take turns striking jurors from the pool until there is the amount needed for the jury.

The length of the jury selection process depends on how extensive the legal counsels wish to question the potential jurors before finalizing the roster. An attorney will try to select a jury that is impartial, knowledgeable, motivated, and willing to give the defendant the best chance at a fair trial. The specific qualifications a criminal defense lawyer will look for depends on the specifics of the robbery trial in Loudoun County.

What is the Burden of Proof?

Juries, like judges in criminal cases in Virginia, must apply the standard of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt before finding a guilty verdict. Additionally, juries are required to be unanimous in their decision of guilt. To be sure beyond a reasonable doubt, the jury must examine the facts of the case, compare the arguments from both the prosecution and defense, and find no reasonable hypothesis of innocence. Only once all reasonable theories of innocence have been discredited and dismissed can a jury be sure of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

A Skilled Loudoun County Defense Lawyer Could Help You at Robbery Trial

If you are headed to trial for a robbery charge, it is advisable to consult with a seasoned criminal defense attorney working in Loudoun County. A lawyer could provide legal advice, fight to protect your rights, and litigate for the best possible outcome. Only an experienced lawyer will give the benefit of knowing the best ways to select a jury and the proper procedure for conducting a trial. Call an attorney today for a consultation on your Loudoun County robbery trial.

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