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Loudoun County Robbery Arrests

When and how a robbery arrest takes place depends wholly on the circumstances of the crime. If someone is caught in the act, they will be arrested immediately, booked, and jailed. However, if the individual is not caught immediately, there may be a warrant issued for their arrest, and law enforcement will be searching for them. Loudoun County robbery arrests vary by each case, but a lawyer may be able to detail how the arrest process will work and strategize ways to build an effective criminal defense. If you have been arrested, contact an experienced robbery lawyer today.

Surrendering to Law Enforcement Versus Being Served a Warrant

If someone has an active warrant out for their arrest on charges of robbery, they always have the ability to turn themselves into law enforcement or a judge before the warrant is served on them. Depending on the case, turning oneself in freely may reduce the bond issued for bail and serve as a show of good faith to a judge or jury. Additionally, it may help avoid unpleasant conflict at the site of an involuntary arrest. Some defendants may wish to give themselves up to prevent family members from seeing an arrest or to save face in front of that person’s community.

Normally, law enforcement will choose to arrest someone in a robbery case as soon as there is probable cause to do so. As robbery is a crime that requires violence as a component (without violence, it is a theft charge), law enforcement will generally move to make an arrest quickly to protect the public from an allegedly violent suspect. Potential delays may arise from the police having inadequate evidence to charge and arrest an individual.

In some cases, a person may not know that they have been indicted. Some find out when their name is in the newspaper, but more often, police officers are dispatched to the individual’s residence. If a person refuses to appear in Loudoun County court after being indicted, a judge may issue a bench warrant for their arrest.

Robbery Arrests and Booking Process

Loudoun county robbery arrests can be serious and tense matters. Because robbery is a violent criminal offense, police may arrest their suspect with guns drawn, tasers, or other tools to minimize the threat to officers’ welfare.

Once someone is arrested on suspicion of robbery, they will be taken to the local adult detention center and be booked. Their picture will be taken, their biographical information will be recorded, fingerprints will be made, and they will be served with a warrant of arrest notifying them of the charge.

As soon as this booking process is complete, the accused will have a chance to call an attorney. If an individual believes that they will be arrested soon, it is often in their best interest to call a lawyer before the arrest takes place. It is essential to remember that the accused should say absolutely nothing to law enforcement without talking to an attorney first.

Call a Loudoun County Lawyer Now for Help Following a Robbery Arrest

Loudoun County robbery arrests can be very intimidating and challenging to process. It is imperative to remember that you should not say anything to law enforcement without consulting your lawyer first. Everything you say will be used against you by the prosecution, and with charges as serious as robbery, the consequences can be dire. You may want to call an experienced criminal defense lawyer now for the legal counsel you need.

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