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Importance of Contacting An Attorney Early in Loudoun County Criminal Cases

If you have been investigated or accused of committing a criminal offense in Loudoun County, VA it’s important that you seek legal counsel as soon as possible. The following are frequently asked questions regarding while contacting a Loudoun County criminal lawyer so early in the process is necessary. To learn more schedule a free consultation with an attorney today.

If I Tell An Officer I Want To Speak With An Attorney Does That Imply Guilt?

No. A seasoned officer will respect your decision if delivered properly. Do not answer his or her questions but instead ask speak to an attorney. That is simply an invocation of your constitutional rights and an experienced and well trained officer will not hassle you if you ask to speak to an attorney. Likewise, it does not create any implications of guilt, or inferences of guilt that can be used against you in court.

If I Don’t Consent to a Search, Does That Imply Guilt?

You do not have to consent to a search and you should not consent to a search. If an officer has probable cause to search your vehicle or your person they could state so and they should state it clearly.

If they are asking you to get around their potential lack of probable cause or other procedural errors in their investigation by asking for consent, then you’re not obliged to give it to them. You shouldn’t be rude about it but simply informing the officer that you do not wish to consent to a search and you will not consent to a search as long as they will understand based upon their training and their understanding of current procedure.

What Can Contacting an Attorney do in The Criminal Process in Loudoun County?

You should try and get an attorney as soon as you feel that you may be charged with a criminal offense or that you may be under investigation. Now, if you’re under investigation for a potential financial crime, then it is helpful to contact an attorney as soon as possible to let you know what your rights are, what statements you should or should not be making and how to prepare for questions that may come in front of the investigator or detective.

If however you’re charged with a crime of impulse that has already occurred you should wait, not speak to the officers beyond biographical confirmation and contact an attorney. It is rare that someone who has just committed an assault will have the opportunity to contact an attorney prior to being arrested. This is similar with other offenses that occur in the officer’s presence, like DUI offenses. However, if a person is charged with either of those offenses, just contact an attorney as soon as possible after they gain the liberty.

Why Should I Speak With a Lawyer In Loudoun County Before I’m Charged?

If you’re subject to an investigation by Loudoun County law enforcement, including the Virginia State Police, talk to an attorney right away. There may be certain things that you are not obliged to tell law enforcement and if they need to find out on their own if they intend to prosecute you. There may be some times when talking to law enforcement ahead of being charged can be helpful and it may even create a situation where you will not be charged in the end. This of course will depend on the unique facts and circumstances of your case, but to know what your rights are and what your best plan of action is contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as you’re contacted by law enforcement.


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