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If you are facing drug charges, a Leesburg drug lawyer can help you to understand your potential defense options and guide you through the process of your case.

Loudoun county drug laws can be harsh. The laws severely penalize anyone who has manufactured, possessed, or distributed any type of illegal drugs. Prosecutors also penalize the illicit possession and distribution of some prescription medications. With all of the potential penalties associated with a conviction, it’s important to work with a Leesburg criminal attorney as soon as you’re charged.

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What Can a Defense Attorney Do for Me?

No one wants to endure the harsh Virginia drug conviction penalties. Even though the severity of the consequence is based on the charge, even a misdemeanor conviction can negatively impact your life.

Let’s take the conviction of simple marijuana possession as an example. It nets a lighter sentence than “possession with intent to distribute.” It even nets a lighter sentence than “possession of a controlled dangerous substance,” such as heroin. Yet even with this lighter sentencing, having a Virginia drug lawyer is important if you’re striving to achieve a positive outcome in your case.

In Virginia, certain offenses carry mandatory minimum fines or jail time. When facing circumstances like these, you should consult with a drug attorney before choosing to proceed without legal representation. When drug conviction can impact your finances and freedom, retaining a Leesburg drug attorney can be an important decision if you’re looking to build a strong defense.

Types of Drug Offenses in Leesburg

If you face drug charges in Leesburg, you need the assistance of a Leesburg drug lawyer. Our drug attorneys provide experienced local legal representation, with an office located right near the Loudoun County General District Court. Our experienced drug lawyers represent clients charged with:

The consequences of these crimes are largely dependent on the type of drug that is involved. For instance, a marijuana charge can carry a less severe penalty than one of the following controlled substances.

  • Schedule I or Schedule II Controlled Substances (felony offenses)
    • Crack
    • Cocaine
    • Ecstasy
    • Heroin
    • MDMA

Regardless of the severity of the crime, you may want to contact a Leesburg drug lawyer to review your case and provide you with feedback on potential options.

Leesburg Drug Enforcement

Law enforcement officers enforce drug possession through a variety of law enforcement techniques. If an officer suspects that a person possesses illegal drugs, they may ask for permission to search their person or their vehicle. If an officer determines that illegal drugs are present, then they may have probable cause to search a person’s vehicle or property. In certain circumstances, a search may not be allowed without a search warrant. Search cases are very complex, so if you have been charged with a drug offense after a search, make sure to Leesburg drug lawyer about the details of the event.

How a Leesburg Drug Lawyer Can Help

Our skilled Leesburg drug attorneys can discuss your case with you and craft a defense strategy. Each case is unique, and therefore each defense must be tailored to the individual client.

There are some common drug defense strategies that attorneys can use in Leesburg. Criminal attorneys that work with drug cases may refute illegally obtained evidence and improper investigative procedures that violate your constitutional rights. They can also contest evidence against the defendant, and work towards plea agreements. Your Leesburg drug lawyer may also request sentencing options like probation, treatment, and deferred sentencing.

It is valuable to have an experienced, local Leesburg drug lawyer who has tried these kinds of cases before. Our drug attorneys understand that even misdemeanor cases can be terrifying, especially for those worried about background checks and security clearance at their jobs. A Leesburg drug attorney can sit down with you and listen to your concerns, in order to better plan a legal defense strategy with your interests at heart.

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