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Tickets for Out-of-State Drivers in Fredericksburg

The state of Virginia has a reckless driving charge that is often different from what other states have. Any speed over 80 miles per hour in Virginia is reckless driving. If a person is going 11 miles over the speed limit on a 70 mile per hour road, a person could face a Class 1 Misdemeanor for reckless driving. That is the main difference from other jurisdictions. Virginia traffic laws are not uniform with the laws of other states and when a person receives a traffic citation there, depending on the circumstances, they will find differences from what they would be expecting in their home jurisdiction. Although an out-of-state driver may be less familiar with Virginia traffic laws will not prevent them from receiving tickets for out-of-state drivers in Fredericksburg. If an out-of-state driver has received a ticket, they should consult a capable traffic attorney that could use their knowledge of local law to pursue a positive outcome for them.

Steps to Take Following a Ticket

The first thing an out-of-state driver should do after being ticketed in Fredericksburg is to review the ticket or the summons very carefully to see what specifically they are alleged of and most importantly to identify their court date. Once they know their court, they can contact an attorney and have local representation in Fredericksburg; an attorney can advocate on their behalf in court and will be more likely to achieve a positive result. Furthermore, an experienced local attorney may know more about contesting tickets for out-of-state drivers in Fredericksburg.

Consequences of Not Paying a Ticket By the Due Date

If an out-of-state driver does not pay their traffic citation by the due date and does not appear in court on the on the court date, then the Virginia courts have authority to suspend their ability to drive in Virginia. If they do not appear in court and not pay their court costs, a capias warrant could be issued for their arrest for failing to comply with Virginia Law and appear in court.

Fredericksburg has the right to communicate to the DMV (“Department of Motor Vehicle”) of the state where the driver is licensed. That state then has the opportunity to respond accordingly which could include suspension of the driver’s license for unpaid tickets, depending on that state’s laws.

Potential Defenses and Their Effectiveness

Some people might think that their lack of knowledge of local traffic law can protect them from tickets for out-of-state drivers in Fredericksburg. Generally speaking, being unaware of the laws or traffic laws in any context is not an excuse or defense for violating that law. However, judges and prosecutors are aware of the fact that different highways, different times, and different state’s laws are different and can sometimes garner sympathy from local authorities.

For example, being unaware of the fact that going over 80 miles per hour results in a reckless driving Class 1 Misdemeanor allegation is not a defense and will not excuse the driver of the conduct alleged. That is why it is important to hire an attorney so that attorney can present a legitimate defense in court for the driver.

Important Aspects Concerning Tickets

Every traffic ticket is different in Fredericksburg. The judges will hear the traffic tickets and allegations on a case-by-case basis, and there is no uniform result and no guarantee in any court proceeding. Out-of-state drivers should know there could be serious consequences to any ticket, even if they are licensed in another state. That is why it is important to hire a local attorney to make sure that a driver does not face unexpected consequences as a result of ignoring or prepaying a traffic infraction that they received in Fredericksburg.

Value of a Fredericksburg Traffic Attorney

A local traffic attorney could be present and waive the appearance of an out-of-state driver so that the out-of-state driver does not have to make a return trip to the jurisdiction in order to contest the charges. It depends specifically on the circumstances of each case. A local attorney could also advocate for you and is trained in contesting the evidence as presented in court by the prosecution. The lawyer could use their knowledge to achieve a favorable outcome for you and help contest tickets for out-of-state drivers in Fredericksburg.

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