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Fredericksburg Traffic Stops

Whenever a driver hears sirens or sees patrol lights in their rearview mirror, they should put on their turn signal to indicate that they are pulling over and then pull over as soon as safely possible. If there is no shoulder to pull over at, then the driver should continue at a slow speed with the signal on to indicate to the officer that they are looking for a safe place to pull over. Once the individual is pulled over, they should wait patiently with their hands visible for the law enforcement officer. At Fredericksburg traffic stops, it is imperative that individuals know their rights and also how to conduct themselves. If you have any questions about traffic stops in Fredericksburg, consult with an experienced traffic lawyer.

Steps to Take After a Traffic Stop

There are certain critical steps people should take at Fredericksburg traffic stops. Wherever they are being pulled over they should make sure to:

  • Pull over to a safe location
  • Wait patiently with their hands visible for the officer
  • Expect the officer to inform them of the basis of their stop
  • Expect to identify themselves
  • Provide registration for the vehicle that they are driving

How to Conduct Oneself at a Traffic Stop

If practical, it is always advisable for the driver to pull over to a well-lighted area, especially if the person is driving at night. Doing so will make the officer and the driver more comfortable during the traffic stop process, which should lead to a smoother interaction between the driver and the officer.

Once the driver is pulled over, they should immediately retrieve the vehicle registration and the driver’s identification and have it ready to show it to the officer. The driver should also keep both hands on the steering wheel and visible while waiting for the officer to approach. Many drivers will roll down their window or at least crack it open enough to pass their identification to the officer. It is important that the individual makes sure that the officer can see both hands at all times and that they make no sudden or unexpected moves. It is also advisable for people to act in a respectful manner during Fredericksburg traffic stops.

Read the Traffic Ticket Carefully

When a person is given a ticket by an officer, they should review the ticket carefully. There are multiple fields on a ticket that will indicate what code section the officer is saying the driver violated. If the ticket indicates speeding, it will include what speed the driver is alleged to have been traveling and what the posted speed limit was.

Perhaps the most important information on the ticket is the person’s court date. Most tickets should not be prepaid by a driver. This is because prepayment of the speeding ticket is an admission of guilt and acceptance of the full consequences of the allegations. The individual should instead hire a skilled defense lawyer prior to that court date. The attorney could advocate for the person to try to achieve a positive result in court.

How Someone Should Know if They are Being Pulled Over

Law enforcement officers should make it obvious when they are attempting to pull somebody over. They will usually pull up close behind the vehicle that they are intending to pull over with their sirens blaring and their emergency lights visible. They will also give every possible signal to pull somebody over to avoid any ambiguity as to whether or not the officer is attempting to pull a driver over. The final cue should be when the officer has been making some sort of motion or signal behind the driver and traveling at high speed closely behind them for some distance. For more information about Fredericksburg traffic stops, contact a well-established attorney.

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