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Armed robbery is different from theft because there is a use of a deadly weapon. When an individual takes someone’s property through force or the threat of force or intimidation, they can be charged with robbery. Due to the severity of the charge, a person would want to work with a skilled theft attorney who is conformable handling serious cases, has handled them before and has an idea of how they are going to approach facts and circumstances of the person’s specific case.

As defined by Virginia law, armed robbery has an added element to theft charges due to the misuse or stimulated use of a weapon. An experienced attorney could use their resources and investigatory skills to try to create factual and legal defenses for their potential client in a theft with a deadly weapon case. This would include legal knowledge of what was going on as well as factual knowledge of how they use to that your advantage. If you have been charged with theft with a weapon, it is essential that you speak with an experienced Fredericksburg armed robbery lawyer.

Building a Defense

A lawyer can compile evidence of the offense, the mitigation, and the facts and circumstances, including the positive things, matters of reference, employment records, work records, and medical records. They also compile evidence of witness statements, events, identification or alibi, and things of that nature to try and get the best possible case.

There are several ways a criminal lawyer can begin preparing a defense for armed robbery in Virginia. They can prepare by talking to all the potential witnesses, getting discovery from the Commonwealth Attorney’s office, doing an investigation to areas of the case, and talking to the individual to do a legal research into the elements and how the elements fit a factual scenario. There are really lots of different elements in a case like this.

When a person is contacting a Fredericksburg armed robbery lawyer, they should have all of the essential information ready for their attorney to review and evaluate. Everything that the person knows, including facts of the alleged charge, who, what, when, where, and why, as well as digital information regarding witnesses and other information, can be useful for the attorney throughout the case.

Hiring a Local Attorney

A person should contact a criminal lawyer as soon as possible if they believe they may be under investigation or have been recently arrested for armed robbery. A local Virginia attorney who practices regularly in Fredericksburg has a competitive advantage in many areas over someone who does not, including knowledge of court procedures for practices and as well as knowledge of the local prosecutors, officers, and judges when preparing or presenting motions.

Theft with a deadly weapon is a serious offense that requires seriously working the system. An attorney must be comfortable handling serious matters, understand the consequences and elements, and have access to the charged individual on regular basis, either through jail visits or in person visits. If you are facing theft with weapon charges, it is imperative that you speak with an experienced Fredericksburg armed robbery lawyer and begin building a strong defense.

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