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Fredericksburg Credit Card Fraud Charges

Credit card fraud is a common and serious felony offense. Credit card fraud refers to the obtaining of goods and services by use of a credit card that was either fraudulent that that was obtained, either through a larceny in which someone has expressed intent of the cardholder or the cardholder number. There are a variety of ways in which someone may illegally obtain a credit card which is identity theft or plain larceny or they used that card and benefit financially as a result that that benefit is the credit card fraud. It is a serious offense, so contact a Fredericksburg credit card fraud lawyer immediately. A skilled lawyer can help mitigate, reduce, or drop charges depending on the circumstances.

Definition of Skimming

Skimming refers to a process in which someone illegally obtains credit card information through the use of third-party devices when someone has otherwise offered their credit card for legitimate use. Skimming can be high tech, meaning it can be a scanner-type device or some other sort of computer device that reads a credit card. It can also be low tech – making an imprint of a card through an old card machine. There are a lot of different ways skimming may occur.

Some of the most common places a person may see skimming is in automated card readers. They occur in bars, restaurants, or gas stations. Skimming can occur when somebody is making a transaction and someone, either under the table or in a backroom, copies that information illegally. Skimming can result in charges of credit card larceny as well as credit card fraud. Skimming can be credit card larceny because the numbers are changed. There is credit card larceny in terms of the illegal obtaining of credit card numbers. There can also be credit card fraud for when the card is actually used. Contact a Fredericksburg credit card fraud lawyer to learn more about scenarios of credit card fraud.

Skimming Charges

Skimming is a Class 1 misdemeanor. It involves a person using a scanning device or a reading-coding device on the payment of the credit card with malicious intent and without the permission of the authorized card user. There is also an aggravation in the case of skimming during credit card fraud in Fredericksburg. Using or scanning someone’s credit card without their permission and with malicious intent would be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor. If a person stole that information, then they are aggravated to a Class 6 felony.

Misconceptions About Credit Card Fraud

There is a common misconception that credit card fraud is not a big deal or that it is very difficult to be prosecuted because of the anonymity of signing for a transaction. A person might not be aware that credit card frauds can be traced back to the individual. There can be electronic traces. It is important for a person to be extremely honest with a Fredericksburg credit card fraud lawyer, so they can prepare a proper defense.

Role of Fredericksburg Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

A Fredericksburg credit card fraud lawyer works to help individuals facing fraud charges. They will gather evidence, provide a proper defense, and try to mitigate or reduce charges if the situation is applicable. Contact one today to learn how you can protect your liberties.

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