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Check fraud is when someone offers a check for goods and services and misrepresents that the check has funds or that it is their check. People can commit check fraud either by writing a check on an account that does not exist, writing a check, knowing that there are not sufficient funds to pay that check, or by issuing a fake check, which means that the date and the account are not real. There are a variety of ways that a check fraud can occur. To learn more about them, contact a Fredericksburg check fraud lawyer. If you are facing charges, a skilled attorney can assist you with defense strategies and mitigation techniques.

What Crimes Are Associated with Check Fraud?

Some of the common crimes frequently associated with check fraud include using a false check or deliberately taking information and forging the check and committing a fraud by false pretenses. There are other ways as well, and it is important to call a Fredericksburg check fraud lawyer if a person is confused about whether or not an action constituted as check fraud.

Penalties Involved

Check fraud is typically a felony offense. It may include a period of imprisonment, a jail sentence, fines, probation as well as orders of restitution when individuals or banks have lost money as a result of the fraud.

How Investigations Work

If a person is contacted by a bank investigator and/or law enforcement, they should assume that they are under investigation for check fraud. If a person feels like they may be under investigation and they are contacted by either a bank, a retailer, a rich management, insurance company, or a law enforcement entity, it is important to contact a Fredericksburg check fraud lawyer immediately.

Information that Check Fraud Lawyers Need

A person should have as much information as possible for an attorney. These cases are very fact-specific and fact-intensive that it is important for an attorney to know exactly what they are up against when getting involved in a check fraud case. Being as honest as possible with a lawyer can only help a person.

Avoiding Mistakes

People should not underestimate the skills of the Commonwealth Attorney’s office, or other members of law enforcement. These individuals that prosecute and investigate these cases are highly-skilled, they are highly-trained, and they can prove that fraud has occurred. One mistake is assuming that the prosecutors are not diligent in their efforts. They have a high threshold to meet and they are going to work their very best to try and beat that.

Contacting a Fredericksburg Check Fraud Lawyer

If a person is concerned they may be charged with check fraud, it is of the utmost importance to call an attorney immediately. A person might say the wrong thing or take the wrong actions without the advice of a Fredericksburg check fraud lawyer. In order to avoid these circumstances, a person will want to talk to an experienced attorney to have them work on their behalf. Do not compromise your freedoms.

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