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Fredericksburg Drug Laws 

Illegal substances or drugs are classified under Virginia Code, which generally states that the illegal substances that a person cannot possess are marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, et cetera. If a person possesses any legal drugs or any prescription drug without a valid prescription, that will be constituted as an illegal possession or an illegal drug. If you have any questions about the drug laws in Fredericksburg, or you have charged and are now facing penalties for a drug related crime, it would be in your best interest to consult with an experienced drug lawyer.

Penalty Classifications

Virginia Code lays out certain schedules of certain drugs and the lower the number of the schedule, the more serious the drug is considered by the general assembly and therefore the more harshly a person is going to be punished for possessing, selling, distributing, or whatever the case may be of that particular drug.

Aschedule one or schedule two substance such as cocaine or heroin if possessed or sold, depending on the weight, volume, et cetera, is going to be punished more harshly than something that is a schedule six, which is more likely going to be a misdemeanor offense.

Local Law’s Effect on Cases

Fredericksburg does have a book code and, with that code, any infraction in the municipal code can lead to an ultimate drug charge, like Fredericksburg’s noise ordinance. If somebody violates a simple noise ordinance in Fredericksburg and the officers ultimately come and either arrest or speak with that individual dealing with that particular noise ordinance, and if drugs are possessed, it can lead to a simple noise ordinance becoming a simple possession depending on what is possessed, how it is possessed, and what ultimately occurs with that interaction.

Every local ordinance, anything that leads to police interaction, can ultimately lead to a drug charge. It is important to know the local Fredericksburg drug ordinances and obey them.

Trends in the Area

The major crimes that are commonly seen are possession of marijuana and possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Given the locality, given the fact there is a trend across this nation to decriminalize marijuana and, as recent as this year, marijuana has been decriminalized in surrounding areas such as Washington DC, a lot of people feel that marijuana is not that serious and that it is not taken that seriously in the state of Virginia.

However, they are mistaken and if caught with marijuana, a person will be prosecuted. If a person is caught selling marijuana, they will be prosecuted even though right up to the road it has been decriminalized and it is not something that can get a person in trouble, if a person crosses that state line into Virginia, marijuana can get a person in a lot of trouble.

While the stigma is changing across the nation, we are still in the Commonwealth of Virginia and a person will go to jail if they do not protect themselves from these particular charges.

Contacting an Attorney

The drug laws in Fredericksburg are very important to know especially if you have been charged with drug crimes and are facing penalties. If you have been charged, or simply have questions regarding the drug laws in Virginia and Fredericksburg, get the right representation by consulting a highly experienced drug lawyer as soon as you can.

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