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Solicitation is the flip side of prostitution. A person solicits when they request sexual favors from another person in exchange for something of value. The police are often searching for people who engage in any activity which may be interpreted as a request. This could mean that you may find yourself in trouble when if you did nothing except appearing in a place under surveillance by the cops. An arrest may harm your reputation and put your future in jeopardy.

If you fear legal proceedings, you may want to take action quickly to protect yourself. You may find enlisting the services of a Fredericksburg solicitation lawyer to be a vital step in moving towards a strong defense.

Sit down with an experienced defense attorney who may be able to help you understand your rights and how the government operates in regards to a solicitation charge. You may be fearful of significant fines and time in prison.

Solicitation Law in Fredericksburg

A solicitor of prostitution is commonly known as a “john.”  Police may set up sting operations at places where the police suspect prostitution activities take place. Police may also prepare online advertisements and personals to draw another person out and catch them when they arrive at a designated location.

Codification of Solicitation

The same statute that defines prostitution also defines solicitation. The penalty for both is the same. These acts are Class 1 misdemeanors, as found in Code of Virginia §18.2-346. A person solicits when they offer money or something else of value in exchange for the following:

  • Adultery,
  • Fornication,
  • Some sexual act, or
  • Some unnatural act.

The person arrested does not have to have engaged in any sexual act. A court may sentence a person convicted to up to one year in jail and force that person to pay a fine of up to $2,500. individuals facing criminal penalties should contact a solicitation lawyer in Fredericksburg as soon as possible.

Solicitation of Minors

If a person solicits someone who is 16 or 17, that is a Class 6 felony, which could result in more than one year in jail. If a court convicts a person of requesting sex from a person under the age of 16, that is a Class 5 felony.

“Bawdy Place” Offense

A person can also get in trouble if they keep, live in or visit a “bawdy place,” as noted in Code of Virginia §18.2-347. A “bawdy place” means any place where prostitution or other lewd acts occur. Just being there is a crime, which is also a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Vehicle Used to Promote Solicitation

If a person uses a vehicle to transport a prostitute or engage in paid-for sex, that will violate the Code of Virginia §18.2-349. The punishment for this act is the same as an act of solicitation. For more information about solicitation charges, contact a dedicated lawyer.

Reach Out to a Fredericksburg Solicitation Attorney Today

Though television may portray solicitation as a minor crime or an amusing occurrence, the government takes such acts seriously and prosecutes them to the fullest extent allowed by law. If you are fearful of such a result, you may require aid to fight for the best possible outcome.

You have the right to enlist the services of an attorney. After speaking with a Fredericksburg solicitation lawyer, you may learn more about what you may be facing and how best to go forward.

Do not be frozen by fear or worry and instead take action to begin building a strong defense. You must protect your reputation and freedom to the fullest extent possible. Schedule an appointment today.

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