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How do I find the right criminal lawyer in Virginia for me?

That is a very subjective question and requires a very subjective analysis. The best attorney for you as the potential client might not be the best attorney for other clients or other people. As far as criminal defense, the specific relationship, style, and attitude of a criminal defense attorney matters a lot for the specific client and their needs. People have different expectations of what their criminal lawyer will be, how they will present their case, and how they will communicate with them. I recommend vetting several different criminal defense attorneys until you find someone that is good for you as far as meeting your needs and communicating well. Something that is really important is to find that connection. A lot of criminal defense attorneys can give you the proper information and explain legal rights and potential defenses. As a client, you are going to have to put your trust in them and connect with them on that level to really establish a good attorney-client relationship.

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