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College offers a wonderful opportunity for you to expand your horizons, gain valuable knowledge, and to build relationships that can last a lifetime. Sadly, one simple incident is all that is required to forfeit these wonderful benefits.

Students who face criminal accusations must take immediate steps to protect their futures. Not only could a criminal conviction result in the payment of heavy fines, the imposition of severe jail sentences, and the creation of a criminal record, but the mere accusation of an offense could trigger an investigation by your school. In this way, a criminal accusation could affect your freedom and your educational future.

A Fairfax student defense lawyer is dedicated to helping students accused of misconduct. This includes defending their freedom in court and working to protect their educational privileges.

Codes of Conduct on Campus

Every college and university in Fairfax utilize a code of conduct to regulate the behavior of their students. These codes often require students to behave with good character or morals. While these codes may not specifically state that committing a criminal offense violates these terms, it is not a stretch to imagine that getting arrested may trigger an investigation.

In fact, these schools can act to discipline a student even if that student avoids a conviction in criminal court. A school may talk to witnesses, gather documentary or video evidence, and require a student to answer questions during a hearing.

If the school has reason to believe that a student violated the code of conduct, that school can take action. Common disciplinary actions include a forced change of residence, a suspension, or even expulsion. A Fairfax student defense lawyer could help students to stand up for their rights during school investigations.

Protecting Students in Criminal Courts

Of course, aside from the potential educational consequences of a criminal accusation, a student will also need to address the criminal charges in court. School security has a responsibility to report any alleged criminal activity to local police. As a result, any accusation of wrongdoing on campus that violates the laws of the Commonwealth will certainly result in criminal charges.

Common examples of these offenses can include:

Any allegation of a criminal offense will progress in exactly the same way for a student as for any other defendant. Because college students are usually over the age of 18, they will face prosecution as adults. Neither a prosecutor or a judge will take mercy on a defendant because they are a college student.

In Virginia, a conviction for even a misdemeanor level offense can result in jail time and will create a criminal record. Therefore, the penalties for a college student can be doubly harsh. A conviction may result in a defendant losing their educational privileges while a criminal record may make finding a job difficult. A Fairfax student defense lawyer could serve as a student’s attorney in court as well as their advisor before disciplinary boards.

Speak with a Fairfax Student Defense Attorney Today

Your time at college is among the most important in your life. Unfortunately, a single moment could place your immediate future in jeopardy. Accusations of any criminal offense are always a cause for concern. However, for students, the mere involvement of the police may bring disaster. You need to take immediate steps to protect your future.

A Fairfax student defense lawyer could provide this help. Attorneys work to provide a vigorous defense in Fairfax’s criminal courts. They can also help you to navigate your school’s disciplinary procedures to help protect your education. Contact an attorney immediately so that they can help you.

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