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Although marijuana possession is a relatively common charge in Fairfax, it could still have significant consequences. Most convictions for marijuana possession result in the creation of a criminal record. When applying for employment, a person may miss career opportunities that require a clean background check. Before attending a court proceeding or speaking to a law enforcement official, a person may wish to consult a Fairfax marijuana possession lawyer.

A skilled defense attorney could examine the facts surrounding the offense and potentially identify credible legal options. The court system in Fairfax may become complicated quickly and a person’s case may suffer if they misunderstand legal protocol.

Marijuana Possession Charges in Fairfax

Marijuana has become more commonly accepted in the United States and in some states, the substance has become legalized. However, marijuana possession in Fairfax generally still results in an arrest. Charges for such an offense are typically treated as misdemeanors. In some cases, a judge may view the marijuana charge as less serious than a cocaine or heroin possession offense. This may impact the severity of the legal consequences for the person upon conviction.

Despite the relatively strict attitude that Fairfax may have towards marijuana possession, a person may be able to avoid such charges for certain cannabis oils. A person who is under a certified doctor’s care could be eligible for using various cannabis oil as a medical treatment. Typically, these individuals must adhere to detailed regulations and actions when using cannabis oil for medical purposes.

Potential Consequences of a Marijuana Possession Conviction

Depending on the seriousness of the marijuana possession charge, the legal consequences could become complex. If the drug is considered highly addictive and dangerous, one possible short-term consequence is that the person might be held without bail because a magistrate or judge may fear that the accused could continue to abuse the drug, pending trial. Additionally, a person who has a previous history of marijuana possession charges could face harsher legal penalties than someone alleged to have committed an initial offense.

A marijuana possession conviction could also result in many long-term consequences. One example may include the temporary suspension of a license, which may make it difficult to get full restoration of one’s driver’s license. The ability to drive to a place of employment every day generally strongly influences a person’s employment status. When a person fails to make it to work on time or does not attend work when they are scheduled could jeopardize their employment. It also may affect things that someone might not think of immediately such as eligibility to obtain federal loans for education. It could also affect a person’s ability to obtain employment, which is why an individual should consult a Fairfax marijuana possession lawyer that could advocate for an individual.

Benefits of a Fairfax Marijuana Possession Attorney

When facing a marijuana possession charge in Fairfax, a person may greatly improve their chance for succeeding in court by learning about different constitutional rights which may apply to their case. Speaking to an attorney could help a person understand their rights and more effectively refute the charge. Attending a court appearance without the assistance of a qualified defense attorney who understands marijuana possession cases could negatively influence a person’s case. Consult a dedicated Fairfax marijuana possession lawyer today.

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