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Drug distribution offenses are taken seriously by law enforcement because drugs are considered a societal harm. The theory is that those who are distributing drugs are those who are introducing them to the community. This is why law enforcement in Fairfax is cracking down on drug distribution. Drugs are a particular priority for local law enforcement.

If you have been arrested for drug distribution, you could be facing serious penalties and long-term ramifications. Therefore, you may want to seek the services of a Fairfax drug distribution lawyer. A seasoned drug attorney could aggressively fight for you throughout your case.

Aggravating Factors for Drug Distribution Charges

When someone is arrested for drug distribution, there are often aggravating factors that could enhance the penalties that the defendant faces. An example of an aggravating factor is whether there is a previous drug offense conviction on the defendant’s criminal history. If someone has been previously convicted of drug distribution, they may face a mandatory minimum three-year sentence for any subsequent case.¬†Other aggravating factors could be if drugs were being distributed in a school zone or any clearly marked child day care center. Due to the consequences of aggravating factors, it is important for someone who is facing charges to obtain a Fairfax drug distribution attorney.

Evidence Used in Drug Distribution Cases

The prosecution will use evidence from the Department of Forensics to prove drug distribution charges through the illegality and chemical content of the substance. Also, the prosecution will typically use testimony from enforcement, relying on their training and experience as to the nature and distribution of the drug. They will also use evidence of whatever drug might have been on or near the accused at the time of the arrest. In addition, the prosecution could use any video or surveillance tape as evidence.

What Elements of the Crime Tend to be Highly Contested at Trial?

Elements of the crime that tend to be highly contested at trial include what quantity of drugs an accused might use regularly on their own as opposed to a weight that law enforcement might testify is too high for personal use. Contested this could result in a drug distribution charge getting reduced to a possession charge. Other elements that are highly contested at trial include proving the intention of the accused based on circumstantial evidence when, in fact, they cannot know for sure what someone holds in their mind at any given time. A skilled Fairfax drug distribution lawyer will review all the facts of the case and determine what arguments to build against the prosecution.

How a Fairfax Drug Distribution Attorney Could Help

If you have been arrested for drug distribution, it is important that you contact a Fairfax drug distribution lawyer. Most drug charges are serious felonies that could cause immediate and long-term consequences. Some drug distribution offenses could result in up to 10 or 40 years in prison. It would be foolish to try to proceed against these charges without the knowledge and skill of an attorney. Even on simple drug possession cases, often times, many defenses are available to individuals who are unaware of it until they have consulted with a lawyer. The attorney is a professional and has the experienced presenting defenses in court. A Fairfax drug distribution lawyer may be able to provide a defendant with the best chance to avoid serious consequences.

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