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Drug conspiracy charges are different from other drug-related offenses because a conspiracy charge is when a person is involved in a scheme with other individuals where they have conspired to distribute drugs. This makes the offense different than when an individual is caught distributing drugs to a friend. It is possible for someone to be charged with both conspiracy drug charges and other separate underlying offenses. However, the issues of trying to achieve convictions on both conspiracy and other underlying offenses could lead to problems for the prosecution.

If you have been arrested for drug conspiracy, reach out to an experienced drug attorney as soon as possible. A Fairfax drug conspiracy lawyer could fight for you and help you understand your options throughout the legal process.

Penalties for Drug Conspiracy Charges

Drug conspiracy crimes are particularly serious because conspiracy charges are treated as if they are high-level drug distribution. Law enforcement investigates those who are involved in conspiracies as if they are drug kingpins or otherwise high-level drug distributors. The possible penalties for drug conspiracy charges in Fairfax include prison sentences of up to 40 years. The defendant is also looking at expensive fines and other long-term consequences. It is also possible for a drug conspiracy offense to be prosecuted federally, which carries even more serious penalties than state crimes. Therefore, it is important for someone facing charges to contact a Fairfax drug conspiracy lawyer.

What Prosecutors Need to Prove

In drug conspiracy cases, Fairfax prosecutors need to prove that the alleged substance is, in fact, an illegal drug. They also need to show the intentions of the accused and the conspirators are to distribute the drug. Prosecutors need to prove the fact of the conspiracy itself, which is that more than one person was involved in the decision to distribute drugs.

Drug conspiracy investigations are going to go beyond just a simple arrest or a traffic stop investigation like most other drug charges. Usually, drug conspiracy investigations are going to include a cooperative witness who can testify or provide other evidence to the fact of the conspiracy. Law enforcement may also rely on confidential informants and other people who might make controlled purchases. These purchases are supervised by law enforcement in order to obtain inside information about the conspiracy.

Contacting a Fairfax Drug Conspiracy Attorney

When an individual is looking for a lawyer to defend drug conspiracy charges, they should look for the same factors as with any other serious criminal offense, which is diligence, experience, and familiarity with that area of the law. A Fairfax drug conspiracy lawyer will be familiar with these types of cases and will know how to navigate through the local courts.

If you are facing charges for drug conspiracy, call today to begin working on your defense by scheduling a consultation. At the consultation, you should be prepared to discuss with a Fairfax drug conspiracy attorney all the circumstances surrounding the arrest. With this information, the lawyer could start crafting a solid defense for you.

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