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False Accusations in Fairfax Domestic Violence Cases

When falsely accused of domestic violence, a person must get in contact with an attorney right away. Being falsely accused of a crime is a scary situation to be in, but with the help of a professional defense attorney, a person could build a strong case to clear themselves of these false charges. Retain the services of a credible lawyer for assistance in dealing with false accusations in Fairfax domestic violence cases.

Why Accuse Someone of Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is an intimate offense. Often, the parties know each other well. False accusations may precede a divorce or custody proceeding if one of the parties is trying to gain a leg up. Other examples include vengeful ex’s, mental illness, intoxication or third-party influences. A person could protect themselves from allegations of domestic abuse by contacting an experienced domestic violence attorney right away to know what their rights are.

Steps a Person Should Take to Maintain Innocence

In addition to contacting an attorney, other steps a person charged with domestic violence should take to maintain innocence include trying to document as much as they are able before and after the event. That includes noting prior statements and taking pictures of injuries. If there is property damage, they should take pictures. If there were other witnesses that may have information, they should provide their attorneys with all that.

Potential Consequences Following a Conviction

The consequences that make it extremely important for a person to thoroughly prepare for a domestic violence offense includes that it lasts forever. Domestic violence is a serious charge. It has lifelong implications like a criminal record and prohibition against possessing a firearm. A lot of different things may be present that would be negative if someone was charged with a crime of domestic violence. For those reasons, it is important to have an experienced domestic violence attorney on one’s side.

Compiling & Presenting Evidence

The evidence an attorney would work to compile to protect a defendant charged with false accusations in Fairfax domestic violence cases is unique and case-by-case. Every case has different evidence that is going to be determined as necessary to gather. Some cases may be more document-intensive. Other cases may have video or audio evidence.

An attorney is going to try to get statements from everyone that was involved that may be witnesses or have inside information that could assist the defense. There may be 911 calls, officer body cameras or body camera audio. These forms of evidence would assist an attorney in knowing exactly what happened as well as the mindset and all the different things that may come up. A lawyer would present this evidence in court through a variety of different means, including witnesses that were present, the officer, and testimony. There are a lot of different ways that this would all come out in court.

Importance of Hiring A Fairfax Domestic Violence Attorney

It is strongly recommended that a person facing false accusations in Fairfax domestic violence cases reach out to a professional attorney. A lawyer may be able to provide you with a strong defense using their experience, credibility within the court system, and the evidence that was gathered. A lawyer could also help with gathering more evidence and advise you on which steps to take during the legal process. Do not hesitate. Contact an attorney today to get started on your case today.

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