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Contacting a Leesburg Criminal Defense Attorney

Telling a law enforcement officer that you would like to speak to a Leesburg criminal attorney is simply an exercise of your constitutional right. An experienced, intelligent officer will respect that decision though he or she may ask you more questions. It does not imply guilt and you are free to exercise your right any time.

The Right to Speak to an Attorney in Richmond

You have right to speak with an attorney at any time, however, if you are placed under arrest and asked questions related to the conditions of that offense, then your Miranda Rights are triggered and you have the right to speak to an attorney at that point prior to answering any law enforcement questions.

Depending on the nature of your encounter with the law enforcement prior to your arrest, you may be free to leave or you may be required to stay and answer the questions. Typically, if you are questioned during a detention, it requires that you be read your Miranda Rights and therefore you can use your rights to counsel at any time.

Contacting a Richmond Attorney Before You Are Charged

Talking to counsel prior to arrest, also known as pre-arrest representation, is important in a Leesburg criminal defense matter. As an experienced Leesburg criminal defense attorney, I handle pre-arrest criminal cases on a daily basis. I know how prosecutors and officers think and how they approach their investigation.

Often, I encounter clients that are encountering law enforcement for the first time. It may make them nervous. They may not know what their rights are and what questions they should or should not answer. Therefore I can use my experience, my comfort level and my knowledge of the law to assist those that are charged or that maybe charged with serious criminal offenses in Leesburg.

When and How To Contact a Criminal Attorney in Richmond

You can contact an attorney at any time. Prior to your arrest is always a great time to contact an attorney and let them know what is going on, so that you can get better advice before you are apprehended. If you are arrested, contact an attorney upon release.

There are many ways to find contact information of a lawyer. For example, my phone number is 703-554-9399. In addition, you may use internet resources, personal referrals or word of mouth. If you are researching an attorney, I advise you to go through several different sources such as Google reviews, and the attorney’s website to find out more about their areas of practice, experience, and personality.

Advantages of a Private Richmond Criminal Lawyer

There are typically two options for someone charged with criminal offense. You can see if you financially qualify for court-appointed counsel or you may choose to hire a private attorney.

There are several advantages to hiring a private attorney. They include:

  • Having access to your attorney
  • Having an attorney who may have experience in the criminal defense field
  • Having an attorney who will have a managed case load and will be able to handle your case

The local Office of the Public Defender handles the majority of the court-appointed cases in Loudoun County and in Leesburg. They are very qualified attorneys and handle nothing but criminal defense matters. However, they also have many more cases than your typical private defense lawyer, who will have far fewer cases and thus will be able to spend more time on the specific facts and circumstances of your case.

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