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While some types of assault are much more serious than others, all types of assault, from simple assault to malicious wounding, are treated seriously in Virginia and warrant attention from a Fauquier County assault lawyer. An experienced attorney will be able to look at the facts of your case and determine how to build the strongest defense possible. To learn more about what can be done for your case, call today.

How Assault Cases Are Treated

Judges in Fauquier County treat assault charges very seriously. It is viewed as a danger to society when a person is convicted of committing an assault. They also look at the facts specific details of the assault case to determine whether it was something as not as severe as the charge may indicate, or whether it was more severe than the charge may indicate. So they really investigate very closely at the facts of the case as well as the accused person’s background and look into the victim if they present evidence as well.

Is Assault An Area of Focus in Fauquier County?

Yes, assault is a definite focus of Fauquier County law enforcement.  Because one of the main goals of law enforcement in general is to protect citizens of Fauquier County, assault is naturally a high priority.    Preventing physical violence, injuries, and assault is at the core of what a police officer tries to do on a daily basis.

Factors Considered in Assault Cases

The most common factors that prosecutors will be considering when determining how to proceed for a Fauquier County assault charge are the intent of the perpetrator, the actual weapon, the actual injuries to the victim, and the intent of the attack. Was it premeditated or was it a mistake in the heat of the moment? Was it random or targeted? The prosecution will also look into the criminal history of both the victim and the accused.

Under those circumstances, prosecutors decide how to prosecute the defendant depending on the relationship between the two parties such as did they have a prior bad relationship, were there drugs or alcohol involved, and was this the first time they had a interaction or did the perpetrator and victim have prior relationship or prior charges involving one another. Also what were the circumstances and where did it occur? Whether it was in public or in private or could it have been worse or was it not as bad as it was to be. All these factors matter.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

The most common mistake for someone facing assault charges in Fauquier County is to simply walk in unrepresented, plead guilty to the offense, and ask for the mercy of the court. In some circumstances, this may be appropriate but in the case of assault charges this is poor advice. There is definite benefit to hiring an experienced attorney to examine the potential defenses you may have as well as the potential mitigating circumstances of your case. Additionally, when you walk in and plead guilty you may be waiving a number of important constitutional and state rights, including your rights to a trial. You may also receive a punishment that is more severe than you would if you had the opportunity to present mitigating evidence in an informative and precise way.

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