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Alexandria Robbery Arrest Warrants

Typically, law enforcement chooses to make an arrest for a robbery related offense as soon as they have probable cause that the offense was committed and that the accused was the person who committed the offense. They do not need to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt to make an arrest decision. They must have a good faith belief that they have probable cause, present that probable cause to a magistrate and the magistrate makes the decision of whether to issue an arrest warrant. If a criminal offense is committed in their presence, the police also have the ability to make an immediate arrest.

If you are facing the repercussions following an arrest warrant being issued for your robbery charges in Alexandria, you should get the help of an experienced robbery attorney who can give you advice moving forward.

Following an Arrest Warrant

If an individual is aware of that an arrest warrant has been issued for robbery or other related offenses in Alexandria, the individual can contact local law enforcement entities to surrender. It is not uncommon for a person to contact counsel or contact law enforcement on their own to determine if an arrest warrant has been issued when someone believes that they are the focus of an investigation. They may have received information from law enforcement, friends, family members, or prospective co-defendants that a warrant is imminent.

Most local entities, including the City of Alexandria, have a warrant desk, which is in the division of the local police department and local sheriff’s office that maintains and works with the arrest files. If a person has the requisite information, typically full legal name and date of birth, they can ask the staff at the warrant desk whether there are active warrants. If there are active warrants, a person can arrange to turn oneself in and surrender to law enforcement. This may be beneficial in that it allows a person to prepare for being detained after the arrest, including making sure their home is secure, making sure that person has their bills paid, and making arrangements for childcare, among other potential concerns.

Indictment Considerations

The term indictment in Virginia state law typically refers to a direct indictment, which means that the case was presented to the grand jury, typically without the accused’s knowledge. It may take several days for the person to realize they have been indicted and that there is a warrant for their arrest for a robbery in Alexandria. If a person has any idea that an indictment is going to happen and that person appears at the indictment return, the individual may be arrested at that time or served paperwork and given a bond. It is always a good idea to appear at the indictment return if a person believes they may be indicted for an offense. To determine whether an indictment is imminent, they can check with the Circuit Court clerk’s office.

After indictments are returned, the sheriff’s office receives a list of which cases the accused did not appear for the grand jury hearings in. The police will search for those people at their homes or place of business to serve the indictments. Depending on the factual scenarios, the charges, and background, there may be an indictment or they simply have to serve a person with paperwork, detain that person briefly, then release the person. The policy may also arrest the person and hold them.

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